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Reception report 2015

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journey2013 Thu 09-Jul-15 21:05:44

Please can anyone help me with my daughters reception report:

She has attained 4 exceeded and the rest expected. The exceeded were in reading (reading level 4 oxford reading tree), writing , maths and measure and shape.

Is there are specific score that i can ask for from the school ? We asked the teacher and she said she was on the cusp of exceeded - from which i assume means the 'lower' end of exceeded.

We were told 6-8 out of 30 would have attained 4 exceeded.

Also is her result indicative of future success?

FunnyBird Thu 09-Jul-15 21:14:31

Is she happy?

journey2013 Thu 09-Jul-15 21:16:23

funnybird - yes very happy !

Heels99 Thu 09-Jul-15 21:19:15

There is no score they sit no tests. Stop worrying she is doing fine.

christinarossetti Thu 09-Jul-15 21:19:28

From what you've said, she's doing very well and is happy at school.

Both good foundations for future success, I would say.

WhyCantIuseTheNameIWant Thu 09-Jul-15 22:11:17

It's the schools view on how they are doing with certain points in the curriculum.
That's it. Her score is 4.
She is working above the level expected for her age.
If the school keep engaging her, and you keep helping her at home, yes. She could well continue at this level.

Heels99 Fri 10-Jul-15 09:33:32

Yes you could give her reading a boost over the summer she is as the school says just exceeding there will be kids in out level 9,10+ by the end of reception.
Equally there will be kids still in level one still who by the end of year one are free reading. Some pick it up much quicker than others, some don't get started till year one etc. some fly the next year who were slow starters.
She is doing fine I would not worry but nobody can predict future success on the basis of a reception report. Also the standard they have to meet is fairly low so 'exceeding' doesn't mean a lot.

Nowfeeltheneedtopost Fri 10-Jul-15 10:02:41

Of course her result is not "indicative of future success". In the same way that children walking at 9mth isn't indicative of future athletics ability or that children using a knife and fork earlier than others aren't going to be better eaters when they're 10! Children pick things up at different times. Some children get reading earlier than others. Or simple numeracy topics. By year 4 or 5, if she has consistently exceeded national expectations for her age then you can probably start to draw some conclusions about her academic ability. Personally even then I wouldn't start predicting "future success". She's happy and doing well at school. Sounds perfect for a 5year old.

Ifyoubuildit Fri 10-Jul-15 13:01:17

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed at my son's ratings. The report said "he's very mathematically capable and has a really talent for numbers" but was rated as meeting requirements for maths (or whatever it's called...). I think it's one to take with a pinch of salt.

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