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Does anyone know what outcome 6c / 6b means for the end if year 2 in Wales?

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UrbanSunday Mon 06-Jul-15 17:58:30

Just that really. I have no idea what this means or what the bench mark is. I will of course ask the teacher at parents evening at the end of the week but in the mean time I am just confused!

MadAboutMathsMum Mon 06-Jul-15 21:15:58

Outcome 5 is expected, outcome 6 is above average - we see about 40-50% outcome 6 at our school. Before England changed their curriculum outcome 6 equated to a level 3.
Technically there are no sublevels in outcomes, but have been added by teachers to show if low or high. However, really outcome 6 should not be awarded unless a child is 6a and have achieved all of outcome 6.

UrbanSunday Mon 06-Jul-15 21:21:49

Thanks for taking the time to reply. That is helpful. ��

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