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FlowerGirl29 Sun 05-Jul-15 10:14:43

Hi I am thinking of sending my son to Aldro, but am concerned about Saturday school, would love advice from anyone whose son goes there, do the children mind it?

Pepperpot69 Mon 06-Jul-15 17:16:39

I don't know about Aldro but my DCs do Saturday school and they don't mind at all. All the boys are in the same boat and in the afternoon there is usually a match too so even more fun and time with their mates. Our school is a mix of boarding and day (prep) and it is just the way of life! If you commit to a school like Aldro expect to commit to all day Saturday as you are committing to the school and it is really unfair on the team when the day boys don't turn up to a Saturday match because mum has something else planned! The extra long holidays more than make up for Saturday school!

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