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Anyone know about school hearing tests in Wales?

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Walkingbkwrm Fri 03-Jul-15 18:13:30

Got a letter home with DS1's report today saying he had failed a hearing test at school and they were referring him to a clinic (at the hospital I presume) and we would get an appointment in the post. All a bit out of the blue - I saw his teacher yesterday and she didn't mention it despite saying she would chase the nurse about something else for me (so it could have come up iyswim) I didn't even know he had been tested!

Bit puzzled as his hearing has always seemed fine (his phonics are good too). On the other hand he does have attention issues - anyone know if it was likely to be a test you could fail by not paying attention or something? Plus what is this clinic likely to involve?

Thanks for any info.

Mopmay Fri 03-Jul-15 19:18:36

The teacher may not know as the results will be confidential. They'll just do a proper hearing test. It will be age appropriate. It will be done in a proper sound proof room etc - could be very mild due to glue ear etc or could just be as the room was noisy when he did it

Mopmay Fri 03-Jul-15 19:19:21

All reeve prion children get tested in England

Mopmay Fri 03-Jul-15 19:19:35

Reception sorry

MadAboutMathsMum Sat 04-Jul-15 21:47:54

DS failed it and then was retested in school later in the year and passed so didn't need further tests. I had a letter about both tests though as I had to give consent.

Mammicar Sat 04-Jul-15 21:54:49

I spent a week on placement with school nurse last week (in Wales!). They are very similar to the tests he would have in an audiology clinic. Only thing I would say is that the school isn't as quiet as an audiology room.

Walkingbkwrm Sun 05-Jul-15 12:09:56

Hmm ok, maybe he does have a problem then - possibly with the noisy environment but school's never going to be reliably quiet, let's face it. Guess I wait for the appointment. Thanks.

littlejohnnydory Sun 05-Jul-15 22:29:33

My dd failed her school hearing test. She had one at the audiology clinic and passed, no problems. Her friend failed the audiology one and will be doing it again in a few months.

littlejohnnydory Sun 05-Jul-15 22:29:52

That's in Wales.

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