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Sex ed - shaving legs in year 5

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Candycoco Thu 02-Jul-15 23:03:52

Dd came home from school today having had sex ed at school for the past 2 days.

I've always been very open with her and have answered questions as they've come up, so no big revelations this week.

However, she told me today that the boys were taught how to shave by male teacher, and girls were taught how to shave their legs. This just doesn't sit right with me. I know 99% of women do shave their legs and it's something I've already talked to dd about as she asked me last year about it and I told her she has to wait til end of year 6 before she starts secondary to do it.

I just feel it's a bit presumptuous and suggests all girls should. Maybe I'm being bit uptight about it but I don't like the message it sends. Is this normal to teach this as park of sex ed?


TeenAndTween Fri 03-Jul-15 09:21:17

Surely it depends on how they taught it?

Your legs will get hairy, that's disgusting, you must shave them


Your legs will get hairy, some/many girls/women prefer to have smooth legs so shave them.

beeashby Fri 03-Jul-15 09:23:47

They taught them HOW to do it? That really does seem odd and I too don't like the idea that it's normal/compulsory to shave legs. Some men shave their legs too, after all.

Pepperpot99 Fri 03-Jul-15 09:26:20

sounds a bit odd. My dd is in Y5 and I have shown her how to shave her legs, but that was because I found her trying to do it secretly in the bathroom a few months back - another girl at school had been teasing her about being 'hairy' sad.
I showed her how to do it in the shower and Ive tried not to make it a big deal. It's not appropriate for a teacher to do it, IMO.

mrz Fri 03-Jul-15 16:32:07

It sounds really odd that they should teach girls (and boys) how to shave

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