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PiM/PiE standardised scores vs CAT tests vs Key Stage Levels

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Shirleycantbe Thu 02-Jul-15 21:41:48

I am really confused about the apparent variation in my DDs performance on all of these measures.

She is just finishing Year 2 and I got her report today.

CAT scores earlier in the year (Xmas term) were are above the 75th percentile, verbal reasoning was 92nd percentile.

She has been internally assessed by the school as level 3C for Maths and 3B for English.

Her standardised scores for PiE and PiM however are 104 and 114 respectively.

Does this suggest the school are being overly generous with their assessment of her levels AND that she is not fulfilling the potential indicated by the CAT scores?

Or am I misunderstanding the way all these tests relate?

Please help me understand before I go to the teacher to discuss!

Shirleycantbe Thu 02-Jul-15 22:08:23

Can anyone help? I'd be so grateful for any insight

DiamondAge Mon 06-Jul-15 09:18:52

The scores (to my layman's eyes) do seem a little anomalous and worth investigating further with the school. You might expect your DD to have achieved a higher level in maths than in English given her PiE / PiM results - although her Verbal Reasoning CAT was high. Then again I'm assuming that unlike NFER tests there isn't a direct correlation between PiM / PiE and levels. Perhaps her PiE result is the anomaly?

I would be less inclined to compare across tests, and instead explore any significant disparity between CAT results e.g. between NV and V reasoning. There are some tables provided by GLA that set out levels and PiE / PiM, which may, or may not, be helpful!!!



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