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End of year 2 report

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SukiBambuki Wed 01-Jul-15 17:55:17

Just got DS1's end of year 2 report and he got 2b in everything. Bit confused as his teacher gave me his SATs results a few weeks ago and he got 2a for reading and maths and 2b for writing. I know the teacher's assessment also counts towards the final grade but a bit confused as to why she has marked him down?? Does anyone know why this could be?

Kampeki Wed 01-Jul-15 17:58:56

Presumably because he isn't yet consistently working at the higher level? Probably best to ask the teacher though.

It sounds like he is doing fine. smile

padkin Wed 01-Jul-15 18:25:22

I had a fair few children who scored highly enough in the one off, reading and maths SAT test to get 2A, but who are not yet performing at that level consistently day in day out in everyday lessons, so my overall teacher judgement is a 2B. The test only covers a small part of the taught curriculum, and although it's useful as a snapshot of attainment, it's a small part of the teacher's toolbox of assessment. I had a few that were the opposite - performed poorly on the test, but usually do better.

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