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When do you apply?

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TheABC Fri 26-Jun-15 20:32:15

Quick question for more experienced posters. DS is two and we have recently moved house into an area with three state primary schools within easy walking distance. Next door neighbours are saying we need to start looking now, due to waiting lists. Are they right? Or are they getting mixed up with the preschool nursery (very popular, but DS already goes to a day nursery)

wevecomeonholidaybymistake Fri 26-Jun-15 20:47:40

You apply to the Local Authority the September before he's due to start school. Usually applications are open September to January.

The school has no part in the decision.

redskybynight Fri 26-Jun-15 20:52:16

State school aplications have to be submitted by January of the year in which the child would start (i.e. the year in which they will be 4 on September the 1st) . If your DS is 3 after September 2015, then you will have to apply by January 2017.

What it it worth being aware of is what the admissions criteria of your local schools are, if they have catchments and from how far away they typically take children. You may well find there is only 1 school that you have any chance of getting in to.

LibrariesGaveUsPower Fri 26-Jun-15 20:56:26

Deadline is mid January before starting in the September.

You might need to start attending church now though. wink

Mopmay Fri 26-Jun-15 21:11:47

If you are in England they are talking bananas

NynaevesSister Sat 27-Jun-15 06:34:43

Deadline is the January in the year they start Reception. Waiting lists for state schools only apply if you don't get the school you want or if you are applying after the deadline or if you have moved into the area and are applying in the school year. In all three cases if there are no places in your preferred school you can go on the waiting list.

People do talk as if they know it all when they don't have a clue, don't they?

TheABC Sat 27-Jun-15 10:20:59

Thanks, everyone! I thought that may be the case.

Millymollymama Sat 27-Jun-15 17:25:39

Some religious schools, C of E voluntary aided could be their own admissions authority so do check if any schools do their own admissions. You might then have to decide if you wish to "find religion" to meet the admissions criteria if this is the school you want.

PettsWoodParadise Sat 27-Jun-15 18:14:16

I can't imagine why your next door neighbours would say you need to be looking now unless they have gone the independent route. If that is the case some independents do have a first come first served basis, but all are quite different. If state, it sounds as though you've got some excellent guidance here. I usually find the council website about school admissions helpful. Although many schools may now be outside LA control, they still coordinate admissions and will usually have guidance booklets on the process, timelines, form deadlines, open days etc.

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