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WCPS or Squirrels Wimbledon - calling on current/past parents to share their views please...

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K1tten2609 Fri 26-Jun-15 13:38:29

Hi, I am considering sending my son to Wimbledon Common Prep and was wondering if anyone might be able to comment on their first hand experience as a Squirrels parent? They are considered a feeder school for Kings, which is a plus for us as I think we would go down that route for the 7+ entrance. And I am aware of the changes that people seem to have discussed about the older poor ofsted report and the recent changes following that. I am keen to hear from parents' experiences as to how 'academic' and 'pushy' the school might be as opposed to 'well balanced' with room for free play and development in other extra curricular activities. What is their attitude like to homework? Social interaction and friendships amongst the boys? Anything else worth being aware of?

Also, I am keen to know how much they 'prep' the children for the entrance tests... I would welcome the opportunity for my little one to cover the academics in class and be aware of the curriculum expected of him at the entrance - so that we don;t have to additionally tutor him after school as well and fill the next two year of his life with nothing but 7+. But I am also wary of over-preping and being coached for interviews and activity days.. i think it end up killing their natural ability to relax and be themselves - which can't be good for anyone assessing or being assessed! Any view on your experience on how Squirrels approaches the preparation generally will be hugely helpful. Many thanks!

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