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In year admissions.

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jennahart87 Fri 26-Jun-15 09:55:42

My daughters old primary school was a total failure, which lead her to become a year behind. We decided to find her a better school. I contacted the admissions team at the council who said there were 9 available spaces in her year group. We found a new property, moved, got the allocation email to say she had a place at the new school only to then be told by the school there aren't any spaces, but school admissions say there are still 5 available spaces! The council admissions are now trying to send her to a school which is almost impossible for me to get her to as I don't drive! Any advice would be much appreciated.

prh47bridge Fri 26-Jun-15 13:00:22

What type of school is this? Did you accept the place?

I think you may have a good case for appeal but a few more details will help to confirm.

ICantFindAFreeNickName2 Sat 27-Jun-15 23:13:30

Where are you ? I thought all in year admissions in England are handled by schools not the council admissions team.

Sunflower123456 Sun 28-Jun-15 00:30:00

The schools in England have no say about in year admissions. The school which our DD goes to now (in year) was OKed by the head teacher, but rejected by the council. We appealed to the council and won, mainly base on the fact that the school was expanding their classrooms.

prh47bridge Sun 28-Jun-15 00:35:24

Both ICantFindAFreeNickName2 and Sunflower123456 are wrong.

The council is not the admission authority for VA schools, academies or free schools. The council cannot overrule admissions decisions made by these schools.

Councils are no longer required to co-ordinate in year admissions. Some do, so you apply to the council and they allocate a place. Many do not, leaving parents to apply to individual schools with the council only getting involved if there are no places available.

Sunflower123456 Sun 28-Jun-15 00:52:46

We have to apply to the council for both in year, and before year (Y1) in Nottingham. We cannot apply directly to the schools directly. Maybe that's changed now (2 years ago).

prh47bridge Sun 28-Jun-15 08:14:34

It has indeed changed. Nottingham has a hybrid situation. For community schools, most academies and a couple of VA schools you apply to the council. For other schools you apply direct to the school. Academies and VA schools have the final say on their own admissions even if you apply via the council.

ICantFindAFreeNickName2 Sun 28-Jun-15 19:57:15

Thanks prh47bridge - I did not realize that the rules were different for academies & free schools.
It seems a right mess, no wonder poor parents get confused about admissions.

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