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Advice please. How to support dd (8) at school. OFSTED report recently criticised extent to which school challenges able children. Her Ya experience has been chaotic- several teachers, stuff crammed into final weeks that was on the curriculum for last autumn. Good resources I can take a look at? Don't want to move her.

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sparkysparkysparky Thu 25-Jun-15 14:29:38

My dd (8) has had a chaotic Year 3. The school has tried but with a load of different teachers (supply and maternity leave ) it has not been very good. It was OFSTED -ed recently and "needs improvement ". One thing picked up on was the limited challenge given to able pupils. DD is an able pupil. Odd terminology but I can't find alternative.
I'm so old I did o'levels. I don't know anyone in rl with recent experience. We do what we can to keep dd's mind enquiring but we focus on the things we like:history, English etc. She's really good at maths and although it's not my strong suit we do online maths games together. DH is stronger at maths but also a history geek.
Can you recommend good online resources can we can use with her?
And, I don't want to be confrontational with the school but how do I approach them about this? What buzzwords can I use that will make them take notice?
If I sound vague it's because I am a bit stuck.

FATEdestiny Thu 25-Jun-15 14:49:21

You don't need buzzwords or any particular approach, certainly not confrontational.

The school may give parents an opportunity to come in and informally discuss the OFSTED report if it was very recently done. If not, email the school office and ask if you can have an appointment with a member of the senior leadership team to discuss how the school intends to challenge more able pupils.

See what they say. Ask if challenging more able children is on the 'school improvement plan' (there's a buzz word for you) and what will change in relation to this as a result of Ofsted. The Headteacher should be able to reassure you on this.

Then make an appointment with your childs teacher, or if no class teacher is assigned to speak to the closest line manager. Ask for specifics regarding your child and ask what resources they would recommend to support her learning.

The school will be better placed to advise on your daughters needs than randoms on MN.

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