Surrey - Pre-Prep or Prep?

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sps2015 Wed 24-Jun-15 11:40:06

Hi All, I live in a area where the primary schools are not good. My DD has been given admission in a school which is of rank 3.(requires improvement).

We would like our daughter to get into one of the grammar schools for secondary education.

But given the track record of our local state school, it would be difficult to acheive it, unless she is given extensive private tutoring after school hours.

So, I would want my DD to join a prep school from year 3. But it looks like the private schools have a very limited intake in year 3. They typically admit students in reception and those students continue until year 6.

I live in surrey and Can someone advise me about private schools in surrey area that have a good intake in year3. If there are such schools, how easy/difficult it is to get into them?

I dont want my DD to miss out on the benefits of a prep school but I also think private education for preprep doesnt add much value. I would go for pre-prep only if the chances of getting into a private prep at year 3 is very difficult.

We are a normal working class family and live in Staines-upon-Thames. The prep school that I'm looking at is Staines prep.

Looking for advice from experienced members.

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IsItStupid Fri 26-Jun-15 08:04:07

I am not familiar with the area you live in, but from the school's website (if I have the right school):

Most of Staines Prep’s 390 students enter the school at age 3 (Sunflowers Nursery), age 5 (Reception) and age 7 (Year Three).

So it's definitely listed as an option. Chances are that it's easier to get in at reception but I wouldn't think that joining at year 3 is impossible. Have you spoken to the school? Perhaps tell them that you're looking at year 3 entry in 2018 (or whichever year you're looking at) and ask about whether a place is likely to be available.

The only caution I would make is that the admissions test is likely to be much easier at reception.

80sMum Fri 26-Jun-15 08:08:39

If they have places available, I am sure any school would consider your child for Year 3 entry.

HerbertSherbet Sat 27-Jun-15 22:08:32

Why would you wait until year 3 - would this be to save on fees? What about moving her in year 2 before the difficulty in getting her into year 3 arises?

htm123 Sun 28-Jun-15 15:28:10

Ewell Castle in Ewell-Epsom consists of three sites: one for Infants, one for Juniors and one for the Senior school. They will soon include the "Pre-Prep/Preparatory" titles in the school's name. I know that prospective children are assessed (Maths & English) during the Taster Day before gaining a school place. The school has a very good reputation in the area but also abroad. There are international students coming on student visas every year, but the school ensures a balanced overall representation of local children too. Worth checking their website for more info. Hope it helps.

Mummymode Fri 09-Feb-18 16:12:29

Hi @sps2015
Just wondering what happened to your decision?? Stumbled upon your post by looking for some info on Staines prep school. My DS may start in sept 2018 for year 3 x

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