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W6 primary schools: John Betts vs Brackenbury vs West London Free School vs Greenside

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Nameeman Wed 24-Jun-15 10:21:14

We are looking at these local schools and I would welcome any info people can provide. So far our thoughts are:

John Betts: traditionally the state option for the upper middle classes that would otherwise go private. Results v good but how much is that the school vs the intake? A Small and friendly school which is a huge bonus. Not very diverse which is a shame. New Head untested. Ofsted outstanding now v old and new Ofsted due.

Brackenbury: lovely and lively diverse school. Lots of creativity on display. We like that it reflects the local community at KS1 but it seems at KS2 that Quite a few student leave and go private resulting in lots of new kids entering at KS2 and a loss of continuity of friendships and teaching. New Head untested. School v big and less cosy feeling than JB.

Greenside: traditionally not rated alongside previous two but new Exec Head seems ultra dynamic and has cool/crazy plans for ditching normal curriculum and teaching through film and performance. All a bit if a risk though. Another small school which is nice and reflects the community unlike JB. Just got a "good" Ofsted.

West London Free: brand new and therefore somewhat untested but amazing Ofsted from last month gave Outstanding assessments in every category. Very friendly parent body who seem willing to do anything to help school succeed, kids seem really happy and engaged. Feels small and cosy at the moment but is really a three form entry so will soon feel huge which is a big downside. Not that diverse so far.

Are there any parents with experience of these schools who can add anything to help us decide?

Nameeman Mon 29-Jun-15 12:21:28


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