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Can School Admissions Withdraw a place

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Harra24 Mon 22-Jun-15 17:28:53

my sister is on the waiting list for her 1st choice school, for reception class. Today she got a call from admissions offering her a place, they told her to call the school and let them know that she is accepting the offer. My sister called the school told them that she is most certainly accepting the place and that she would no longer be appealing. Then a few hours later admissions called to say that they hadn't realised that she had moved house (she had informed them of this weeks ago) and that the school may withdraw the offer!! Can this happen? or do you think the school will honour the offer? she hasnt moved out of the borough or far from the school

SoupDragon Mon 22-Jun-15 17:39:31

I think that, as it was only a matter of hours, they can. I imagine that they may withdraw it if the change of address means another child moves ahead of hers on the waiting list as they are closer.

Theknacktoflying Mon 22-Jun-15 17:43:08

Your sister would have to send in some confirmation of her address . If different from her application I think the place can be withdrawn.

What does the school admission policy state?

Harra24 Mon 22-Jun-15 18:26:18

She has sent in paperwork about change of address the council hadn't updated there information when they offered. The person on the waiting list after my sister is my other sister and they now live in same road so both equal distance away. The local council said its up to the school. Just very frustrating

Harra24 Mon 22-Jun-15 18:26:53

Thanks for your answers

SoupDragon Mon 22-Jun-15 18:29:55

They probably just need to check everything. I think (from reading threads on MN) that they needed to warn of the chance of withdrawing the place as if it's not done within a reasonable time, you can appeal against the withdrawal.

Your other sister will only be exactly the same distance away if they live in the same house.

I'm sure one of the admissions experts will be along soon.

meditrina Mon 22-Jun-15 18:41:19

Yes, an offer made in error can be withdrawn if if is done so promptly, and same day would count as prompt.

If is up to the school, if the school is its own admissions authority (VA, academy) and is therefore responsible for ranking applicants according to how well they fit the criteria.

It sounds like they are going to re-check the waiting list to make sure that all information is accurate and then offer the place to whoever is at the top when they are sure it's correct.

Do not cancel your appeal. This isn't going to be directly relevant, however, unless chaotic maladministration is something you are hoping to demonstrate. In which case this is a useful further example.

titchy Mon 22-Jun-15 18:42:43

If her new address still puts her at the top of the waiting list and there's a vacancy then the offer stands. If her new address is further away and she is no longer at the top of the waiting list then yes the offer should be withdrawn. There's some precedent for an offer not being allowed to be withdrawn after a certain period of time, but withdrawn within a few hours would be perfectly acceptable.

Is the new address nearer or further than the original one?

Harra24 Mon 22-Jun-15 21:35:20

It's a little further, but person next on the waiting list is my other sister and they live on the same road now

titchy Mon 22-Jun-15 21:41:01

Well one of them'll get the place then!

admission Mon 22-Jun-15 22:37:48

There are clearly issues around the LAs systems if they are offering school places based on out of date address information!
You need to wait and see what the outcome is, as you may still be first in the admission criteria order and get the place, so as others have said continue the appeal application.
If the place is withdrawn then you go to appeal saying what a shambles the LA have created but the legal precedents all say that if the place was withdrawn with a few hours because a mistake was made that this will be considered acceptable.

Mopmay Mon 22-Jun-15 23:16:39

Yes they can if so quick - but incompetent tho

Harra24 Tue 23-Jun-15 16:23:05

It's all ok, school have honoured the offer!! Thank goodness!! smilegrin

Floggingmolly Tue 23-Jun-15 16:25:24

Why Thank Goodness? Doesn't it mean your other sister is still on the waiting list?

Harra24 Tue 23-Jun-15 17:11:39

Yes it does, but now my other sister is 1st on the waiting list and has a good chance of winning her appeal

Harra24 Tue 23-Jun-15 17:16:04

I don't quite understand your comment. Am I not meant to be pleased that the school didn't withdraw the place?

titchy Tue 23-Jun-15 20:10:56

I hope she's not banking on winning her appeal just on the basis of her dc having a cousin in the class...

Janus Tue 23-Jun-15 20:18:21

I'm afraid unless the school have offered a place to someone who lives further away then it's very unlikely she will win her appeal. Schools have 30 places (generally) which they fill to a strict criteria, so unless your sister's child has special needs or lives closer then how would they give her a place? They cannot invent a place, I am speaking as someone who has a sibling at a school and haven't got youngest in as we are not in catchment and all other applicant were so I now have 3 school runs in September!!

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Tue 23-Jun-15 20:37:48

Titchy, I assume the appeal is now that she should have been first on the list when the place was offered but wasn't because the LA cocked up. And she's lost her place because of it. Which would possibly be grounds for winning an ICS appeal.

If sister 1 was offered a place based on her old address but was now further away than sister 2 then sister 2 is the person that should have been top of the waiting list and offered that place. If the LA admitted that's what happened and say it's up to the school to decide then they either have to offer the place correctly as well or accept that they may well lose an appeal by the person who should have got the place.

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