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Oratory rc primary school vs Bousfield primary school???

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Jennyng225 Tue 16-Jun-15 23:21:34

hi I have 2 daughters one age 3 and the other is 6 but don't know which school to choose from? As they are oversubscribed and got top marks on ofsted! The decision will make me move to a property to rent to the school as it is easier for me!
I love the oratory school uniform but they only take on children from 4+ whereas Bousfield us from nursery!
Which school is better in education or which is the better overall? Help please! I just can't decide!

Mandzi34 Wed 17-Jun-15 06:46:50

Both are outstanding schools. The nursery at Bousfield is very oversubscribed and unless you live, literally on the door step, you are not guaranteed a place. It is also fee paying now, costing around £4000 a year for a full time place.

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