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Aldro vs Haslemere Prep School

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FlowerGirl29 Tue 16-Jun-15 22:42:47

I am looking at Aldro and Haslemere Prep School for my son to start this September in Year 4 as we are moving to Godalming. Any preference to a school, good or bad experiences and views on the schools. Thanks

Anisoptera Wed 17-Jun-15 08:55:32

DS is at Aldro, and he loves it. The school has a real family ethos to it, and the boys all seem to enjoy learning, DS is always coming home with interesting facts that he has learnt that day.

They do a lot of sport, and have beautiful grounds, and DS has enjoyed this much more than I thought he would, as the first term was football and he's not that keen on it. He's really enjoying cricket this term, and the new Sports Hall opened last week, so he's hoping to do some basketball. Sport is very inclusive with a real emphasis on teaming.

There is a new Head starting in September, as the current Head is retiring after about 15 years at the school, so it will be interesting to see what changes.

thegamebird Wed 17-Jun-15 12:22:39

Our son is in his second year at Aldro. We feel that it is a unique school, offering the boys a very real 'boys' experience. They have outdoor sports every day, and on Tuesdays have x2 games sessions. The junior department prepares them well for the imminent rigours of Y5 onwards, and they are successful in placing boys in their senior schools of choice.

It has generally been accepted that Aldro 'feeds' Charterhouse, but not all of us are inclined towards that option, and many boys go further afield, with Tonbridge, Wellington, Bradfield, Sherborne & Cranleigh just as popular.

The school is unique in it's family atmosphere. I think this come from the fact that it offers boarding. The campus is home to many of the staff, and they become friends as well as colleagues and this permeates throughout the school. We're not kept at arms length, and the 'leave your son to us' attitude that's endemic at many inside the M25 schools is nowhere to be seen. In fact you wouldn't be surprised to see a mum picking up dirty kit on a Thursday evening on her way out for dinner!

The one thing to bear in mind is that from Y4 the boys go to school on Saturday mornings. It has to be this way to enable them to timetable so much outdoor team sports. For us this took a lot of consideration, but the huge benefits of so much sport have outweighed the extra school run, which we've recently mitigated by giving in to the begging and allowing our son to board on a Friday night.

For us an amazing and very special school, which we hope will be made even better with the addition of our new Head due to start in September, who we expect to rattle a few of the long-servers cages and inject a little umph into the sometimes more 'traditional' teaching methods. :-)

FlowerGirl29 Wed 17-Jun-15 13:38:10

My son loves sport so sounds like he would fit in, we have also looked at Cranmore but have heard it is moving to co ed in 2016 any thoughts

Anisoptera Wed 17-Jun-15 17:43:07

I think single sex is important at senior school age, and this worked well for my DDs who are older, but I'm a bit more on the fence for this age group. DS is certainly happy in a single sex environment and is thriving, but that's not to say he wouldn't in co-ed.

The other thing to bear in mind is that Aldro prepares boys for CE and Boarding Schools, although there are a number of parents, us included, who plan to send their sons to Senior Day Schools. Certainly some boys have gained places at RGS, Guildford for example - but preparing boys for RGS or other Day Schools is not Aldro's primary focus today. This isn't something we're concerned about, but it's worth bearing in mind depending on where you think you'd like your son to go afterwards. Having said that the new Head is joining from a Senior Day School, so it may be that there may be more focus on this area in the future.

Have you paid the school a visit yet? If not you really should..

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