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Punched in back at school

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hbr1989 Tue 16-Jun-15 21:00:37

Today at lunch time ds9 was punched in back as he was in the queue at lunch time. He said he was talking to a friend which another boy didn't like so he shoved him and then punched him hard in the back. He does have a sizeable red and purple bruise. He informed the dinner lady of what had happened and he was told to wait where he was and then she would deal with it. He waited and the dinner lady never returned, eventually he was sent in for lunch. The other child was not dealt with at all. I'm going into school in the morning to inform them of the bruise. I am feel annoyed that the incident wasn't dealt with and that no one was aware that my ds was injured. I'm not really sure how I should play the conversation but I want answers and reassurances from the school

holeinmyheart Tue 16-Jun-15 23:42:10

Well it is awful that he was hurt. However perhaps the Dinner Lady didn't realise how upset and injured he was because your son didn't cry or make a big fuss( bless him)
So before you go in with all guns blazing ask him how was he when he told her. Admittedly she should have done something but if he just said' someone pushed me' it would have been something that she had heard a million times before.
The school will be very concerned about the incident, I am sure. Just try and keep calm and keep to the facts.
It is your prerogative to protect your son and it is important for him to see that you are prepared to defend him, but at the same time keep a sense of perspective.

hbr1989 Wed 17-Jun-15 06:54:10

Thank you. He was crying and very upset at the time

soapboxqueen Wed 17-Jun-15 08:01:05

Agree with pp. How he presented may not have seemed to convey the severity of the incident. Also there is possibility that a more serious incident occurred which meant that the dinner lady didn't come back in time and later just forgot. It does happen with so many children needing attention, that one thing slips out of your mind. While it is rightly shocking to you, it won't have shocked the lunch staff or be that unusual eg enough to make it stick in the mind.

However, issues to do with lunch time staff are almost a cliché. I doubt the teaching staff will have been informed in order to deal with it either.

Inform the head. Expresses your upset and concern. Ask the head how they plan to tackle a) the behaviour of the child b) incident reporting at lunchtime.

holeinmyheart Wed 17-Jun-15 09:51:35

Mmm well if he was crying and upset at the time it does seem very unempathic of the Dinner Lady not to have done something to at least, comfort him.
However, you are doing the right thing to go into school and show the Head or Class Teacher the bruise.
The horrible little thug who did this to your child has been identified and so he will hopefully be told off.
You can always make an effigy of him in your mind and stick pins in it.

It is just one of a myriad of incidents in the life of a school. This doesn't mean that they shouldn't treat it seriously as bullying at school can be devastating both in school and afterwards.
However Parents do get a lot more upset than their children, to be honest. So defend him, seek an explanation and an apology and then if you can move on. Because tomorrow your little darling may be best mates with the little thug.
Having brought lots of children to adulthood I realised in the end that I couldn't keep them away from all the 'snakes ' out there.

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