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Parents of children starting reception this year, have you had a letter/meeting with school?

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hibbledibble Tue 16-Jun-15 20:33:32

I still haven't heard anything.

DD has special needs so I am keen to speak to the senco, and also discuss arrangements to help with transition. (Which DD really struggles with)

Helish Tue 16-Jun-15 20:37:07

We had a parents evening last week and letter back in May outlining the settling in sessions for parents and the children. Not sure if they're really organised or if that is the norm. Could you give them a call to ask when communications are going out?

bettyboop1000 Tue 16-Jun-15 20:39:50

Ours is next week. We had a letter about three weeks ago and had to let them know whether or not we were attending.

mrz Tue 16-Jun-15 20:41:26

Contact the school, explain the situation and ask if you could make an appointment with the Senco and class teacher

Loulou2kent Tue 16-Jun-15 20:43:47

Same as above. Letter came out about 3 weeks ago, meeting is this week. I would just phone tomorrow to put your mind at rest smile

addictedtosugar Tue 16-Jun-15 20:49:06

Got the letter today.
Meeting next week.

Half day at school early July, start date in Sept.

It's a busy time of year at schools with Days etc. Wouldn't surprise me if they started coming soon since SATs are finished and people are back from half term.

Twistedheartache Tue 16-Jun-15 20:51:39

Letter came last week & meeting at the beginning of July which seems to be later than most locally.
Can you call them?

hibbledibble Tue 16-Jun-15 20:58:04

Thank you all.

I called them a couple of weeks ago when I heard other parents had already had meetings, and they said they would be sending out letters 'soon' but didn't know when. I don't want to seem over anxious by constantly calling.

I was just wondering if it was normal to have received communication by this point (clearly it is!) so I will give them another call.

addictedtosugar Tue 16-Jun-15 21:05:34

Do you know anyone else going to this school you could ask in place of phoning the school again? Was at a party at the he weekend, and there were lots of relieved faces that non of us had heard anything.

hibbledibble Tue 16-Jun-15 21:12:16

addicted unfortunately not, as it is not local to us. (We failed to get a place at our local school where all dd's friends are going)

toomanywheeliebins Wed 17-Jun-15 08:05:58

London here.
Letter two weeks ago with detail of class, settling in and parents session all in July. Teacher home visit also planned for just before school breaks for summer

hibbledibble Wed 17-Jun-15 10:19:56

I called again and still no letter has been sent (and they didn't know when it would be sent except for 'soon' hmm )

MrsPear Wed 17-Jun-15 13:37:46

I would call back and ask to speak to the head teacher personally -

hibbledibble Wed 17-Jun-15 13:56:27

Do you think so pear? I don't want to seem too pushy.

I am losing faith in this school a little tbh. Dd will need a lot of help with transition so I'm wondering if another school might be better.

Dansak Wed 17-Jun-15 18:37:19

I've heard nothing at all either, also feeling a bit concerned. Everyone else I know going to other schools has had quite a bit of communication/meetings already. I am going to give it another week and get in touch with them. Trying really hard not to be pushy, but if any Tim off work is needed I could do with knowing.

I would ring them again if I were you, you have specific issues to discuss.

seafoodeatit Wed 17-Jun-15 19:17:42

We had a parents evening last week on the 9th where we met his teacher and got all of the relevant information.

I too would recommend that you ring them again.

RandomHouseRules Wed 17-Jun-15 20:27:17

I would call and ask to speak to the head of early years (or phase leader). Say that you have some specific concerns related to your child's transition. It is totally normal and totally fine for you to do this. Sometimes the office staff at school can be a bit gate keeper-like and not entirely understanding of the anxiety of parents at this stage (from experience!). Don't let their response on the phone put you off.

GameOfGroans Wed 17-Jun-15 20:35:38

We had a meeting the week before last where we met the EYFS team and they answered questions. Since then dd has been in twice for an hour 'taster' session where she got to meet the teacher and some of the children who will be in her class.

Her new teacher will be visiting her nursery in the next couple of weeks and then we have a 1-1 meeting with her at the end of term to discuss needs etc.

I am so impressed!

OP I think you should keep pushing, especially as your dd may find transition hard.

NormHonal Wed 17-Jun-15 20:43:48

OP, with SEN involved I would get a bit pushy. They may still be recruiting someone, but you should be starting transitioning already. My DC2 has already met his teacher and been into his classroom, and he is NT.

AuditAngel Wed 17-Jun-15 20:52:18

We have a morning at school and parent evening both first week July, letter came last week

hibbledibble Thu 18-Jun-15 12:02:59

After not being impressed with the communication of this school we have gone to view another school, which is much nearer to us. I loved it and think that it is a much better fit for dd and her needs. smile

hibbledibble Thu 18-Jun-15 12:04:08

I realise that wasn't that clear, but we will be taking up the place at the other school, so a good outcome.

Mopmay Thu 18-Jun-15 18:53:10

Our welcome day was late last week

rockybalboa Thu 18-Jun-15 18:55:26

Glad you've managed to find a school which is a better fit. My DS has letters almost straight after the places were allocated and has had 3x 30 min class visits so far. Sounds like your instincts were good.

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