Summertown Montessori Nursery Oxford - thoughts!?

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Lazylegs Tue 16-Jun-15 13:39:56

I have just been offered a place at Summertown montessori nursery for my 2 yr old DS starting in Sep for 2 days a week. My impression on visiting the nursery was good. It is clean, friendly conscientious seeming manager. Situated in lovely airy church hall, access to a large, for Oxford, garden for outdoor play. Places in Oxford for schools and nurseries at a premium and this was first one I instinctively liked rather than thought this will have to do. So I sent off reg fee and forms and accepted place as quickly as possible. Suddenly occurred to me I should check Osted report. Life has been very busy and stressful so this somehow slipped my mind. It isn't glowing, not awful and no serious child welfare concerns mostly procedure stuff. How seriously should I take the Ofsted report considering my initial impression was so good? Only other mention I can find of nursery school on the net is negative and from a parent. Any ideas?!

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Lizziewarmington Tue 16-Jun-15 18:36:51

Wolvercote is worth a look and only down the road.

shwott Mon 21-May-18 14:31:01

Did you end up enrolling your child there? What was your experience? I just got an easy offer as well and wondering about the negative comments...

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