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expanding vocabulary - just at home...what are the resources?

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printer11 Mon 15-Jun-15 14:04:40

wanted to buy somtehing to put each word on the wall with interesting words ( I tried sticky notes but did not work- - they fall out) is there anything to buy that woudl make it easier to stick to the wall or any other stratwegy

Leeds2 Mon 15-Jun-15 14:14:04

Magnetic letters to stick words on the fridge might do.

Galena Mon 15-Jun-15 18:12:01

blackboard paint and chalks?

QuiteQuietly Mon 15-Jun-15 19:53:56

We use whiteboard pens on the fridge for telephone messages and meal plans. But personally I think the easiest way to improve vocab is to listen to lots of audiobooks - especially older fiction. Lots of libraries offer free e-audiobooks now.

Ferguson Mon 15-Jun-15 23:08:02

What Yr group / age are we talking about, and what is reading and spelling levels like?

An age-appropriate Thesaurus and specialist dictionaries like Rhyming Dictionary should help. And to add verb variations, degrees, and other oddities this can help:

An inexpensive and easy to use book, that can encourage children with reading, spelling and writing, and really help them to understand Phonics, is reviewed in the MN Book Reviews section. Just search ‘Phonics’ and my name.

Yamahaha Mon 15-Jun-15 23:14:34

Sorry, Ferguson. Where would one purchase a rhyming dictionary? Just search on amazon for rhyming dictionary?
I haven't heard of one before, but it sounds like something that would be well thumbed in our household.

QuiteQuietly Tue 16-Jun-15 09:48:08

We have this one:-

But there are others about too. Search for rhyming dictionary or songwriter's dictionary.

We also have this:-

It was bought when DD1 only used one adjective ever ("nice") and has been much thumbed by all ever since. I personally find it more useful than the grown up thesaurus, as I will know the alternative words listed have been used since 1832 so I won't sound ridiculous.

Ferguson is on commission with his phonics dictionary, but we never got on with it. Sorry!

Yamahaha Tue 16-Jun-15 22:08:57

Oh, that's great- thanks QQ smile

mrz Fri 19-Jun-15 07:14:05

You don't say what age but try "Descriptosaurus" for children in KS2

mrz Fri 19-Jun-15 07:21:29

up Your Words Handout.pdf

Start collecting interesting words from the books you read together perhaps buy a special book to record them in. A children's thesaurus is a must (personally like the Usbourne version)

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