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Holland House Edgware

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Banners75 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:54:42

Does anyone have children there or know children that go there? I know it's small but have heard academically it is very good. What is the teaching like? Is there lots of homework? Is it just focused on academics or all round performance. Just wanted to here what it's really like from current parents. Thanks.

ssss123 Sun 14-Jun-15 23:03:52

I am not a parent with a child there but I looked at it for dc1 and hated it. Seemed to only focus on the academics and I really disliked the head. Having said that it does get amazing results.

ImNotChangingMyUsernameAgain Mon 15-Jun-15 10:23:46

I don't understand why anyone would pay to squash their child into a tiny building at the side of a main road when there are so many good private alternatives in the area.

Eversobusyeveryday Mon 15-Jun-15 13:00:40

I wouldn't send my kids there but it's the cheapest private school by far and the outcomes are amazing. Personally though, children sitting in 2's facing the front of the class and having to walk 15 minutes to the park for a PE lesson isn't my idea of a well rounded education

Banners75 Mon 15-Jun-15 20:41:30

Yes I don't like the fact that's it's on a main road either and the playground is the smallest playground I have ever seen! Anyone else here that has children actually at school, what is your experience?

BOY131 Mon 03-Aug-15 12:07:30

My little one will be going there in Sept 2015. Yes it is straight but I can't see any problem with it. The only downside is we will be busy catching up all activities at weekend!!! I actually quite like the head as she is no nonsense! She is direct and I can feel all she wants is all kids to do their best, not for the school reputation but for the kids own future. She was not looking for bright kid in interview. All she wants is some one who can sit still for a bit longer... Obviously you as a parent will have to believe in the school's rather difference belief and it is not child-led education...

We went to other schools in the area for interview as well but they all feel very 'commercial' for me... And yes, we got the cheapest deal.

AnotherKitKat Wed 11-Jan-17 17:09:21

Hi, new on here. Found this thread an interesting read as we are a bit torn between Broadfields and Holland House. Both schools are so near each other yet there is some contrast. We like the unique aspects of each one to be honest. Would love to read more views on either from parents.

theWind Wed 02-May-18 12:53:59

Just a note that the old Headmistress left at the end of 2016-2017 and the new one is not very good. With old headmistress quite a few teachers left and the quality of teaching dropped. I don't recommend the school.

This is from the school she was before:

Such a shame. Ruined an excellent school.

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