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Waaaah my baby's starting school and I need a good talking to

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manchestermummy Thu 11-Jun-15 19:31:21

Just that.

She's not even going to be a younger one either (autumn born). I'm sure she'll be fine, and I have no particular concerns about her emotional readiness either, but I cannot stand the thought of her not being at home two days a week (I work three days).


I'm hoping to increase my hours at work so I can distract myself ish but whereas I was excited about dd1 starting because I really felt it was a fantastic step for her, the thought of my baby going to school is tearing me apart.

She goes to a school nursery (not at her destination primary) and a private nursery and the private nursery say she can't do what she's supposed to able to do (at odds with what the school nursery have said btw. In fact when the private nursery report to me I have to check they are talking about my dd) so I've got it into my head she won't have a very good start.

Someone slap me.

Hypotenuse Thu 11-Jun-15 19:37:32

My autumn baby is starting this year too. I'm feeling the same, nothing to worry about at all and she's so excited. But waaahhhhh my baby!!

That private nursery sounds like a right pain. At least you'll be free of them soon!

noramum Thu 11-Jun-15 20:01:34

I increased my hours the year DD started school, I had to or would have lost the job, and I found it difficult.

So if you don't have to keep your hours. It makes potential play dates, homework and al kind of school events a lot easier to juggle. I found school more demanding on my time than nursery ever did.

On my free day the 6 hours between drop off and collect go fast. Think of all the stuff you really hate to do with a child, I now mange to do shopping a lot faster than having a bored DD with me.

manchestermummy Thu 11-Jun-15 20:08:36

I'm thinking of an extra day (7.5 hours). The money will be fantastic. I don't have to but career wise it does need to happen...

She just seems too young to be going to school!

Dottymum2 Thu 11-Jun-15 21:15:04

Not really offering much other than to say, I felt like this this time last year when my March born dd was due to go off and a year on I can honestly say it has been great for her and she absolutely loves going into school and comes out brimming with stuff to tell me about her day! don't forget reception is an extension of nursery and they really don't expect the children to be doing as much as we always imagine. There's always be children that can do more and less than your own and it all evens out. Good luck!!

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