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composite class woes

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PavlovaPalaver Wed 10-Jun-15 10:33:55

When my DS started school in P1, he was put in a composite P1/P2 class.

There are many more boys than girls in his year (23 boys / 13 girls) but despite this, only 5 P1 boys were put in the composite class. Because of this, DS did not make many friends with the P1 boys. He became friends with a lot of the P2 boys, but the boys in the straight P1 class had parties that he was not invited and because he wasn't on the radar of the P2 mums, he was never invited to playdates or parties with them either.

I believe he suffered socially from it. He was fairly unhappy in the class, played alone in the playground & I had discussions with his teacher about this.

In P2 he was put in the straight P2 class & has made many friends. He has been much much happier in this class and I have discussed this change with his teacher as well. He has been described as popular by the teacher.

(as an aside, there was also a P1/2 composite this year and all 7 of the P2 children in the composite class were boys)/

Now the classes have been allocated for P3 and my DS has been put into the P2/3 composite. The P3 children are a mixture of boys and girls. This means that out of 23 boys in his year, he will be again in a class with only 5 of his male peers. He is the only child who was in the P1 composite to be put in the P3 composite and none of his close friends are in this class. There are at least 10 children who have not been in a composite class in either P1 or P2 and I have no idea why he has been chosen. I have also no idea why the allocation of boys v girls has been changed.

I have nothing against composite classes per se and I would be happy with him being in a composite class with a higher proportion of boys. I really think that the teachers have not taken his wellbeing into consideration.

I have a meeting with the head teacher this afternoon. Please give me tips on how to approach this with her.

PavlovaPalaver Wed 10-Jun-15 10:40:36

I also meant to put in the OP that there are 10 children (out of 36) who have not been put in the composite class in any of the 3 years.

GloriaPritchett Wed 10-Jun-15 11:56:09

that there are 10 children (out of 36) who have not been put in the composite class in any of the 3 years.

First of all, there may be very strong reasons for this and the school are unlikely (in the extreme) to offer you a child-by-child breakdown of class list. So don't bring that up!

Stay on the friendship/ social issues path. Mention how much happier he has been this year and how you really think it is important blah blah blah.

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