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Chepstow House School - Notting Hill

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Flatoutnautilus Wed 10-Jun-15 09:21:47


We have 2 DSs and a daughter (but she is a baby) and we are considering moving our sons to this school. They have a lovely new site. We are hoping to avoid hideous 8+ exams as both boys are very young for their years in terms of birthdate. Does anyone have any experience of this school? I would be most appreciative to hear any thoughts you might have or impressions.

Please don't flame me for the private school debate!
We may be attempting a mid-year move. : (
Thanks so much

MMmomKK Wed 10-Jun-15 13:18:42

It's a nice school and people seem to be happy there. Also, especially for boys it's nice to have a backup option of staying until 13, if they are not ready for 7/8+.

It is slightly unknown what the results for new Y4-8 would look like. Did you get a good feeling from the Head?

Flatoutnautilus Wed 10-Jun-15 17:02:51


Yes, I did get a good feeling from the Head the second time I visited as I had by that stage got a better idea of the other options. It is untested for boys at the 13+ stage though so its a bit of a gamble. Can I ask whether you have children there? Or know of someone who has....

Its hard to get a feel from a quick whizz round the school without chatting to people with children already there. And we don't know anyone or know what the culture of the school is like (if that's the right word). Its going to be a larger school than the one my boys are currently at (by the time it grows).
Best wishes

MMmomKK Wed 10-Jun-15 20:05:55

People we knew from our nursery have kids there and are happy.

How old are your sons? Would they be the first had group to go through to 13?

Something that can give you a bit of confidence is the school is run by the Alfa Group that has done a good job building up Wetherby Prep. So they must have experience in doing that. I heard they also have plans for expanding into secondary. Not sure if the timing though.

Competition in this part of London is insane and more good schools is a good thing!

Flatoutnautilus Thu 11-Jun-15 17:56:53

Bump. Anyone else?

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