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St Albans High School and Habs Boys

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Banners75 Fri 05-Jun-15 22:05:15

Anyone out there with a daughter at STAHS and son at Habs Boys. How far are they from each other and is it possible to do school run for both. If anyone does the school run realistically what is the traffic like at drop off and pick up times. What is a good area to live to get to both schools easily, will probably be doing for the next ten years so need urgent advice. Thanks in advance.

ConcreteElephant Fri 05-Jun-15 22:39:46

No knowledge of the schools I'm afraid but I do have 'local' knowledge... I think you'd be looking at a 30-40 minute drive between the two schools, at least, if you wanted to do drop off and pick up yourself. It would be crazy and hellish, the traffic is horrendous. I wouldn't want to drive across St Albans in rush hour frankly, never mind head out to Elstree.

Many of the independent schools run buses from St Albans, picking up from houses and particular stops certainly so I'd look at that option maybe? - do school run for DD, pop DS on the bus? They may go in the other direction too i.e. live near Habs, bus to the High School?

Sorry, not very helpful but I don't think I'd want to do it myself.

AlphaBravoHenryFoxtons Fri 05-Jun-15 23:06:48

This is in the primary section, so presumably you mean the The SAHSfG girls' prep department which is at Wheathampstead House? It's not in St Albans but in Wheathampstead which is roughly in the middle of the triangle of Harpenden, St Albans and Welwyn. (V commutable from those three places with school buses running.)

I don't know anything about boys' prep. But I know lots of boys who travel from Harpenden and St ALbans (and surrounding villages) to Habs secondary schools (boys and girls).

ConcreteElephant Sat 06-Jun-15 07:22:07

Oops, forgot it was in the Primary section. Alpha is right about the prep for the girls' school. It's even further from Habs. I think you might need to enlist the help of the buses.

newgirl Fri 12-Jun-15 17:17:58

St Columbas is another private boys school which would be far nearer?

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