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In Year Appeal Please help

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lydia8283 Wed 03-Jun-15 11:53:26

Moved to this new area in March, DS got a place at our nearest school which will be starting in September. However DD who will be going to Year 4 in September didn't get a place at our nearest school. Being on the waiting list for 3 months now, her position is no. 3. The in year admission officer advised us to appeal through email, on the letter she sent us it said the school is full however we can appeal if we want.

My current situation is, I'm 37 weeks pregnant. My husband's job requires him to travel out of UK at least twice a month, so he won't be able to help sending and picking up our kids during that time. Frequent transfer of school is not good for my daughter's development so I kept her in her current school, which is about 1 hour's drive on the motorway everyday. She needs to get up very early and came back very tired. I don't know what can I do if the new baby comes out and how can I manage to send my DD and DS to 2 different schools at the same time in September.

So, What ground should I base if I'm going to appeal? Do they allow to bring laptops so I can do a PowerPoint and show my points? Already getting nervous now.

LIZS Wed 03-Jun-15 17:41:37

When ds starts will dd move up the waiting list as a sibling ? tbh you might be better accepting a place wherever they offer in the meantime to cut down the travelling.

prh47bridge Wed 03-Jun-15 17:44:35

Transport difficulties rarely make a successful appeal. If the LA offered you another school and you rejected it in favour of staying at the current school you certainly can't argue about transport problems. If the LA did not offer you another school nearer your new home than your daughter's current school you are entitled to free transport for your daughter to attend her current school assuming it is more than 2 miles away by the shortest walking route. If the journey takes more than 45 minutes each way you can argue in the appeal that it is too far away according to government guidance and that the LA has therefore been unreasonable in failing to allocate a place at the appeal school.

You need to identify things the appeal school can offer your daughter that she can't get at her current school and argue that she will be disadvantaged if she doesn't go to the appeal school. That is potentially grounds for a successful appeal.

They will not have a projector and screen so a PowerPoint isn't really appropriate. I would recommend writing a list of bullet points to remind you what you want to say.

tiggytape Wed 03-Jun-15 17:51:08

A Year 4 appeal stands a reasonable chance of success if you can show why your DD would be disadvantaged by not attending this school and / or if you show how this school best meets her needs and interests.

By all means mention the journey but do not base your whole case on that. I know from your point of view, it is the major factor in all of this but appeals are very rarely won on transport / childcare issues unless the child has a disability or special reason to only travel a short distance or to one particular school. Even when the parent proves the journey is impossible, they may not win because so many other parents face this issue and are just expected to cope by using breakfast clubs, childminders, local friends etc to split the journeys.

The sort of things you might mention are: any special needs your DD has that this school can meet, any interests your DD has that this school caters for (clubs, choir, languages), pastoral reasons such as wanting to be part of new community and wanting to attend with sibling especially during a period of change for her (new baby).... basically anythign that shows this school is a good match for her.

I personally would advise against a powerpoint presentation. Just write out bullet points and read them out. A laptop presentation isn't always easy to present if you are super nervous and also it possibly comes over as a bit impersonal.

admission Wed 03-Jun-15 22:33:05

A laptop presentation is not realistic because there will be a panel of 3 who will be sitting on each others knees to see the screen. Also the clerk to the panel and the school representative will also need to see the screen so it is a none starter I am afraid. By all means keep notes on the lap top if it is perfectly portable but to be honest paper notes are best because sods law says the laptop will go on the blink when you want it and that will hardly enhance your ability to remain calm.

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