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Vancar Wed 27-May-15 22:24:52

New class structure has come out its as follows
Class 1 - reception
Class 2 - year 1
Class 3 - year1/2
Class 4 - year 2/3
Class 5 - year 3/4
Class 6 - year 4/5
Class 7 - year 5/6
Class 8 - year 6
I'm thinking the only way this would work as if they stream according to ability? Can you teach a year 2/3 class and would the year 3's in that class get taught the same things as the ones in year 3/4. Your professional opinions would be appreciated.

Vancar Wed 27-May-15 22:30:00


admission Wed 27-May-15 23:02:54

What would be very interesting would be the numbers in each of the classes and in which year groups. If the classes all have roughly 30 in them then the ability to do much other than what has happened is very limited but it does depend on the numbers in each class and the PAN of the school.

With mixed age classes the problem is the significant cross section of pupils and the need to differentiate the work across an even larger pupil attainment range. A year 2/3 class will definitely be difficult.

Vancar Wed 27-May-15 23:21:05

Thank you for your reply. We were not told how many pupils from each year were going to be in each class although I think year 6 has at most 34 pupils in it at the moment. I am concerned I must admit as my child will be in year 3 and I'm worried that by streaming the children they will be written off before they have even properly begun iyswim. I suppose I will have to wait and see what is said we when we go back after half term . Thanks again for your reply.

Effic Wed 27-May-15 23:32:29

Mostly school that have mixed age classes with straight ones do this by age rather than by ability although the make up here would very much suggest to me that they are streaming, because :

5/6 - 6 class - unusual - possibly a few y 6 that are working significanlty below age related expectations and so may put them in with y5 leaving an age related y 6 to teach for SATS?

Year 2/3 is v v unusual and mostly avoided like the plague especially as they have a straight year 1? Must be very odd numbers? You think they'd go for 2x y1/2 in order to get 2 x yr 3/4. And avoid the y2/3 and 4/5? The new curriculum actually has English programme of study for 3/4 , 5/6 together so they seem to be making life unduly difficult unless the numbers are very odd and uneven in each year group.
I'd ask to see the head teacher asap and ask some questions .......

Firewall Wed 27-May-15 23:35:49

Many school have mixed classes, and have done for decades. In our school, the criteria we use is maturity (ensuring children will be able to mix well socially with children a year older, as such in lower years it tends to be September borns/older kids that are put in older mixed classes) and then also the fact they are able to cope with work load. Many classes have mixed ability so teachers are able to adapt work for all ranges. In our school, there are already maybe a quarter of children in reception at the moment, who ability wise could slot into a year one class quite easily.

Vancar Wed 27-May-15 23:48:03

Thank you effic, I must admit (and other parents) we were expecting two year 3/4 classes as has been previously there has been rec, 2x1/2, 2x3/4 and so on. As soon as I saw this new structureI thought they were streaming the children and as my child is pretty much average and has met all his targets this year I am worried that he will be in a 2/3 split. The 2/3 class will be taught by a nqt, I think I write my concerns down and see the ht, thank you for telling me about the year 3/4 English curriculum I will look into it some more so that I can ask the right questions to get the answers I need .

Effic Thu 28-May-15 00:36:29

Am not very good at linking but search 'new national primary curriculum' and you'll find it.
Mixed y2/3 taught by an nqt? Wowser?? That's a pretty tall order for him/her....... :-

mrz Thu 28-May-15 06:59:20

My first class when I qualified was a mixed 2/3 (I'd been appointed as a Y1 teacher so it came as a bit of a shock). It isn't easy to have a class that spans key stages but many schools, especially smaller schools, do this and it can work really well. The school my children attended only had 3 teachers (30 children per class) so you can imagine the mix but it had/has outstanding results and was/is very sought after.

Vancar Thu 28-May-15 08:57:18

Thanks mrz I have always been really pleased with the school in general but I am concerned about this for a number of reasons however I can be quite emotional when it comes to my child so I am tryingto get some perspective.

soapboxqueen Thu 28-May-15 09:48:30

I've nearly always taught mixed classes and it works well. As long as the school's medium term plans make sure children aren't repeating topics etc it's fine.

I've taught straight classes with a bigger range of abilities then some of the mixed classes.

Purpledaisy309 Thu 28-May-15 16:55:13

To be honest I actually think in some ways a 2/3 class is easier than a 1/2 class, having taught all three year groups I find year 2 much more similar to year 3 with year 1 being quite different

Vancar Thu 28-May-15 22:56:32

Thanks for your replies, can I ask one more question, do you think that the year 3 children will receive the same teaching in both classes if they are not streamed by ability or do you think by the very nature of the split the level 3/4 class will be taught at a higher level? Thanks again for all your replies I appreciate the time you have all taken to give me your views, it's definitely all food for thought smile

mrz Fri 29-May-15 06:13:10

They will receive the same content but the teaching will obviously e different as teachers are different

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