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3 kids - 1with SEN- found where we want to move - but when do we for schools

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lala21 Mon 18-May-15 13:16:06

Have 3 dc: 6yr DS has SEN but is in mainstream DD 4 ( starts rec this sep) and DD 18 months.

We have decided to move:
Reasons for moving:

Currently DH commute at a min is 3 -4 hrs a day ( every day last week it took him 2 hrs because of the bus/tube/train)

We are in a grammar school borough and many top independent schools which we can't afford with 3 and our son would n't cope.

DD 4 has had to shoulder a lot of stress and responsibility with her brother- I don't want to/ not able to tutor her for school when DS needs are complex. ( Finally dx with ASD/SPD/ADHD jsut last month)

We have found a area that we not only can afford something bigger ( as we're downsizing )with a garden but also can afford in catchment for a number of primary schools but also 4 non selective schools.

We love the area- its greener ( DD4 has allergies and asthma- air is fresher)

And DH would walk to station and get into Lon Waterloo in 35-40 minutes

My question is when is there a good time to move school wise- ideally by sept 2016 i'd want to have moved and gotten schools sorted.

I know I'd have to do an in yr application and a couple are infant and junior schools so that throws a spanner in the works.

I guess having a surprise 3rd and finding out about our son was a total game changer.
Any advise would be so helpful and really appreciated x x x

Icimoi Mon 18-May-15 17:04:20

It depends on a lot of unknowns. Is the area you like one where all the schools are currently full, or are there some with vacancies? Are you moving near a popular school? Probably most importantly, does your son have a statement or EHC Plan? If he does, the process for moving is a bit more complicated but it does put him at the top of lists and your other children may get into the same school on a sibling priority basis.

lala21 Wed 20-May-15 10:04:44

Thanks Icinoi sorry 2 of them have been off with chicken pox. We're on the start of the statement process- we're thinking to move next year so that we have a few years before reception applications I do think where we've looked and where we can afford the older 2 may end up at 2 different primaries but that can be managed and then at least we'll get the little one in on sibling priority if all else helps.

Have looked at space allocation these last 5 yrs and its not as mad as where we are at the moment in terms of numbers still oversubscribed but a good chance of many ofsted good schools- applications are in the 2hndreds rather than 7-8hundres here at the mom--

thank you

mummytime Wed 20-May-15 10:39:13

I would just move when you can. Don't worry about timing. If they don't get into the ideal schools to start with there are chances to change later. If it is within 35-40 minutes of Waterloo, there will be movement within schools. Rural school are often more likely to have space, but the key thing is to find the right school, especially for your son.

In my town I'd probably not recommend the leafy school my DC went to (it has good points but also gaps), however I would recommend a school in the "more deprived area"; but then the village schools might be just right for him.

I wouldn't wait, and definitely not for EHCP etc.

I have known people move into an area, and get their DC into one school, but then move them within a term. Sometimes you can only know its right once they've started.

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