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Montpelier Primary School Ealing - need advice and opinions

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Surjane Thu 14-May-15 16:07:36

We are looking to move house after next few months as the lease on the current one is expiring. Since we will be applying to schools this year end, we are interested in moving near a good school for my son. I am very keen on Montpelier Primary School. The issue is that Montpelier begins its school tours only in September 2015 which will be too late for us in terms of house hunting (we live in Ealing currently though a few streets away from Montpeiler area).

Is there anyone here whose children are going to Montpelier Primary School in Ealing and can give me a fair picture of your views on the school? I have recently visited Pinner Wood School in Harrow and was very impressed with it. If anyone has knowledge on both these schools, can you give me a comparative picture? All information and suggestions are most appreciated. Thanks for your help.

PaperdollCartoon Thu 14-May-15 18:32:01

Possibly not very helpful but my cousins son goes to Montpelier and they love it, have decided to keep renting rather than try to buy so they stay near the school. It's also Ofsted outstanding which there aren't many of in that area. I like that part of Ealing a lot, would definitely like to live there. Sorry I can't tell you more, hope someone else is more helpful smile

PaperdollCartoon Thu 14-May-15 18:33:35

If you ring up they might well be able to offer you a private look round, most schools will.

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