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My 5 year old hates school

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gatorgolf Sun 10-May-15 21:29:13

Feeling really upset at the minute. Put my just 5 year old to bed and he was absolutely sobbing telling me how much he hates school, that no one will play with him because they say he's a naughty boy, he doesn't want to go anymore, wants to stay at home and wants me to teach him letters and numbers.

He is in reception and he was being quite naughty at the start but from what I understand he is now a lot better since he has settled in. From an academic point of view he is doing really well he just seems to struggle socially.

Should I mention anything to the teacher do you think?

MMmomKK Sun 10-May-15 21:56:10

Sorry to hear. It just breaks your heart when they are unhappy.

Has he complained before? If it's the first time you hear this he might be much better by tomorrow. With my two DC I have observed that sometimes, especially when they are tired, or off in some way, in the evening - they work themselves into a sad and sobbing mess over something. Most of the time, by the morning they completely forgot whatever seemed so big and terrible the night before.

If he has complained before - I think its worth chatting with his teachers. Also - playdates are a really great way of helping him establish friendships. When DD started in YR - there was a period of time when I did a lot of playdates. And I tried to make them extra fun - with little take home treats for the little guests or some crafts. I wanted the other kids to want to be friends with DD and to want to come again. It was a bit of work, but paid off.

gatorgolf Sun 10-May-15 22:08:51

he's never been very keen on going but generally when we get to school he seems to run in and appears fine. he was quite tired so hopefully that has magnified things but just hate the thought of him being unhappy all day. May try some play dates, only prob is I work 4 says and my mum has him so can't really expect her to look after 2.

StandoutMop Sun 10-May-15 22:14:10

Dd1 told me a couple of times in reception and again in Y1 that she had no friends.

I did speak to teachers when it was mentioned repeatedly. They were always astounded to hear it and had a very different view. Dd seemed to like going to school but we had these occasional episodes where she was distraught over this "issue".

Now in year 3 and all fine (famous last words). Speak to the teacher, see what they say and see. It might be nothing but if there is an issue, it can only be sorted if school are aware.

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