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pre schools in Marlow

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Monkey2333 Thu 07-May-15 20:25:12

Hi, were hoping to move to Marlow later this year and i`m looking for a preschool for my child who will be 3.5yrs by then.
Am I right in thinking that there are no pre-schools attached to schools in Marlow?
Does anyone have any recommendations please?
Thank you!

LL12 Fri 08-May-15 14:11:49

As far as I'm aware Foxes Piece and Marlow CofE Infants are the only schools with a nursery in their school grounds but both are private rather than being a school nursery.
Sorry I don't have any recommendations as it's been a while since I used a nursery (used a really good Montessori which has a branch in near by Lane End)
Can highly recommend living in catchment for Holy Trinity junior school though.

Monkey2333 Fri 08-May-15 20:57:40

Thank you LL12!

strawberrytablecloth Fri 08-May-15 21:03:14

LL12 is right as far as I know. Do research the schools & where you are going to live thoroughly. Last year (not sure what it was like this year) one or two of the schools had a catchment of about 400yds for non-siblings as in catchment siblings take priority (which, IMO, is understandable but could easily catch you out as a parent); some have very well regarded before & after school clubs on site whilst others offer nothing; some of the schools move at the end of KS1 whereas others are at the same place for KS1 & KS2.

Monkey2333 Fri 08-May-15 21:58:22

Thank you strawberry! So stressful! We're moving to try and make finding and being accepted into a school less stressful but that seems unlikely in Marlow!
Any preschool recommendations?

BananaCake123 Sun 10-May-15 11:23:44

Definitely look at Marlow Montessori in Bovingdon Green, a short drive from central Marlow - such a shame I did not see your post before as I believe they held an Open Day yesterday. It offers an outstanding pre-school provision. However, you would need to get your child registered asap as it is extremely popular and always has a waiting list. Post pre-school, look at Sandgate Infant School which feeds into Holy Trinity primary. Make sure you live well within the catchment! Good luck!

Monkey2333 Mon 11-May-15 22:22:40

Thank you Banana cake, I will check that out.

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