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Prep school bursary/scholarship

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Katydive Thu 07-May-15 17:11:31


Hoping for a bit of advice if anyone can give it as I am not finding anything online. Until recently we lived in a fairly expensive rental in a fairly pricey part of the south coast. We ran our own business and after that my husband had a good job. Then however he lost his job and didn't get one again until very recently. The closure of our business and the lost of his subsequent job meant we have still quite a bit of arrears and were no longer able to afford to pay such a high rent. Luckilly my parents are able to house us and our three children, two of which attend the local primary school and we were put in a fairly high priority position (with a local connection) by our local council for affordable or social housing, and where we live it's not built up. I am happy to do this as I realised how bad the situation had got, but had to swallow a bit of pride at the same time, if I'm honest.
The issue now is, we are still waiting on the council list for a house, however my husband is back at work and things look good for him to be able to progress quite quickly to a senior level, also a local prep school approached us about DS1 and we had him attend a scholarship morning and are in the process of a fairly large bursary application which it looks like he may get, they have also inferred that DS2 can apply for the same bursary in a couple of years. My question is, how will this affect us when we are in social/affordable housing, people are going to wonder why we are shipping of two boys each morning to the local prep school! I am also wondering how the council will feel if we do end up paying a cursary amound towards the fees. Now I know there is no cap on salary (at the moment) when living in social housing, which may be questionable but how will this go down. Please bear in mind that this extra money that we may have will still not be enough to get us in private accomodation and sustain this. If however our situation improves rapidlly I'm sure we would be asked to relocate? Thoughts and guidance please...

threegoingonthirty Thu 07-May-15 17:13:48

I would suggest posting this in the money forum, as it is really the benefits/money aspects you are asking about

From the school point of view I'd say just be very clear about what is and isn't covered e.g. lunch, trips, uniform (can be pricey, I got all my DD's uniform second hand for £150, new would have been nearly £500 for reception!),school bus if relevant. Also how often it is reviewed - sometimes bursaries are only guaranteed for one year.

Good luck with it all

Katydive Thu 07-May-15 17:28:58

Thank you very much will do

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