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Primary schools Epsom & Ewell

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Parky22 Thu 07-May-15 13:32:54

I am looking for a primary school in Epsom and Ewell area for my DD currently in reception. I would love to know people's views on St Clements and Danetree in Ewell, but also independant schools in the surrounding area i.e. CLFS, Downsend, Aberdour, green acres, chinthurst, Ewell castle.
Thank you!

htm123 Thu 07-May-15 19:35:51

Is your child eager to learn and in need of plenty of challenges? If the answer is yes, I would avoid Ewell West area. Danetree & St Clements known as not doing enough for their 'top' groups of children but fine supporting children with special needs and moderate/lower abilities.(Words of mouth and Ofsted). Danetree is a Junior School NOT a Primary school YET, has a lot of staff turnout. Teachers not staying too long there so unsettling for the younger children. Not sure when Danetree'll be starting taking their first lot of Key Stage 1 children. Read their Ofsted report please and the school's website latest Info.
Ewell Village in the other hand has a great Independent School- Ewell Castle (Open days available now I think) they have very small classes of only 10-12 children?... great school grounds and facilities, pastoral care and teaching is second to none. Then over the road is Ewell Grove- an Infant Community School which will become Primary School in couple of years and they have similar good reputation as Wallace Fields -Infant & Junior Schools. There is also St Martins in Epsom: great reputation as they provide good pastoral care and teaching & very popular with many parents. You must ask directly for school places @ St Martins as they are handling admissions themselves. Funny you mentioned Aberdour Prep School... my DS just returned from a school cricket game he played there... unfortunately I don't know too much about Aberdour other than where is situated. I have heard only once of Downsend from a parent but not very positive comments. However, I think it will be best if you visit the schools yourself. In the past my opinion was that we shouldn't have to pay for our children's education. However, I had to 'eat' my words, as my DS @ Independent school now and very pleased. Worth the money if you have it. Hope it helped. Good luck.

Theknacktoflying Thu 07-May-15 19:43:06

st christopher's is a pre-prep that feeds into CLFS
There is a new head at Chinthurst

Parky22 Sat 09-May-15 07:30:03

Thank you for your replies. Very helpful. I am hoping current parents see this and share their views too

Bombaybunty Mon 11-May-15 12:36:55

I have a child at Downsend.
Good facilities and smallish class sizes. Big emphasis on sport since the new head started.
Majority of children go on to Epsom College or St John's, Leatherhead.

hml22 Wed 17-Jun-15 22:13:27

I have a son at Chinthurst and I can't recommend the school highly enough. He started in September and has come on so much academically and in terms of confidence. Everyone is extremely friendly and there is a great family atmosphere.

fionameurisse Sun 28-Jun-15 09:05:58

Both my sons went to Downsend and fortunately left last year. There are hideous bullying and behaviour problems which the school failed to address. My daughters are at another prep school and there is no comparison. In contrast to the boys they have had excellent academic teaching and a far richer and more inclusive programme of sport, art, drama and music and love their school.
My son was one of the children who got a scholarship to St Johns yet although the the school takes the credit for this, he achieved this through his passion and hard work and ME teaching him his academic curriculum. As he is generally quiet the Downsend wrote him off and were unsupportive. His achievements were despite Downsend not because of it.
In retrospect I wish I had never sent the boys there, they would of been much better off at the local state primary.
The last head was a nice man , however the I can't say anything good about the current head who made my sons' lives truly miserable.

Parky22 Sun 11-Oct-15 21:37:58

Thanks fionameurisse.
My dd is at a pre-prep now, which prep do your girls go to?
I have just started attending open days to get a feel but I have many to view

lholland900 Mon 09-May-16 12:11:03

We moved from Clapham to Ewell Village and really love it. It's a leafy conservation area, everyone is friendly and having Ewell West & East station a short walk away means the commute is good. If you live in the village you'll have Wallace Fields Junior School and Ewell Grove School, both are Ofsted outstanding schools. I can't recommend Ewell Grove School more highly, it's a fantastic school and should be turning into a Junior school soon (3-7 years at present). Our next door neighbours' children go to Wallace Fields Junior and are also very happy there. We chose Ewell village as I was a bit worried about catchment areas, especially as Clapham was a total nightmare e.g. you had to live within 200m of some schools. I've heard good things about Ewell Castle School, I know the class sizes are small, only x15, but we wanted to go down the state route.

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