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School in Haywards Heath

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laurajane83 Tue 05-May-15 20:28:52

Just wondering if anyone has any experience/views on St Augustine's C of E school in Scaynes Hill or St Wilfrid's C of E school in Haywards Heath?

For our son's school application we put St Wilfrid's as no. 1 and St Augustine's as no. 3 - unfortunately he didn't get St W, but got a place at St A. Trying to work out whether to appeal - I know it's a slim chance, but sometimes you have to try :-)

On top of this, we are currently living in Canada, but due to return to our house in Haywards Heath in the summer - my daughter will be in Y2 in September, so we need to try and sort out a place for her too.

Having been out of the country for a couple of years, trying to recall things about each school from when we looked round in 2012!! If anyone has any information about either - I would be incredibly grateful.

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