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Info on a Brookland Infant School in HGS

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Cstyle Tue 05-May-15 10:45:28


I'm new to this but does anyone have any reviews or info about Brookland Infant School in Hampstead Garden Suburb? Good school? How is the level of education? Do they challenge the kids in a positive way? After school clubs? Do the teachers keep the parents up to date on their children?

We're looking to rent in the area and I'm not able to get a tour of the school until Sept this year! So I wanted to see if anyone has any info on the school before we start moving etc.

My twin boys will be starting reception in Sept 2016.

Thanks! ��

ThisOneAndThatOne Wed 06-May-15 12:50:43

It is supposed to be very good. But you have to live on its doorstep to get in.

Sorry. No personal experience.

Kawasaki Wed 06-May-15 19:05:21

Hi Cstyle,
1. It is an out standing school, ofsted confirmed.
2. Level of education: high expectation and individual focus along with different support/guided groups.
3. Having different guided group that means teachers can give your child wide range of challenges based on his/her ability.
4. After school clubs: available from 3.15pm to 5.50pm every day for Reception and up, activities include: art, sport games, dance etc.
5. Newsletter is sent out to parents every week so you are informed about school calender and activities in general. "Let your child explain" section (1/year atm but will be every term next year or so) gives you a chance to sit down with your child in the class room and she/he will show you their work. Teachers are open and friendly so you can easily bring up any concern at the parent evening or after school appointment. You are welcome to come to school to help children with reading, swimming (they have indoor swimming pool and lesson runs 1.5 terms/year from Reception) and many other activities such as sport day, picnic day, school trip (every term) etc.
6. You do not need to wait until Sept for school visit, there is an up coming summer fair in June so if you want to have a school view by your own, you can bring your child there to have fun and viewing at the same time.
7. School catchment is quite small and renting is a nightmare and it is expensive (£1,600/month for 2 bedroom flat and £2,500/month for 3 bedroom house average)

Hope that helps.

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