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Green Oak School, Godalming

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123Stripe Mon 04-May-15 23:04:46

Hello. I am about to move to Godalming, close to Green Oak school and I wanted to ask for some advise on the school. There is very little written about the school on the internet, except 1 thread written in 2012, so it is hard to find out exactly what other parents think of the school. I know the school has had a bad reputation in the past, and I wanted to see if any parents have any stories, good or bad, they can pass onto me. I will be applying for other schools in the area, but as our house is so close to Green Oaks, I have a feeling this is where my child will be accepted. Thanks

rcrunky Mon 14-Sep-15 10:18:29

Hi, 123stripe did you get any information about Green Oak School at all? We just viewed a house on Hawthorn Road which we really like, but dont know much about the area (we would be moving from Surbiton), if you have any insight for us, that would be great!

MrsSlats Wed 30-Sep-15 14:35:07


There are many rumblings about Green Oak amongst the parents in Godalming but very few actually send their children there so first hand knowledge is hard to come by. One parent was very impressed by what she saw and put it down as her first choice, whilst another parent said she'd love to teach there, but wouldn't let her kids near the place. The school mostly seems to suffer reputation based on the children that go there.

A neighbour sent her children to Green Oak... after 7 months she removed them from the school as she said "the other children were dreadfully behaved". I found her own children pretty unruly so can only imagine what their class mates were like.
There were a couple of incidents last autumn of children escaping the school and being found in the park over the road.

By moving close to the school however, you are not automatically going to get given Green Oak, so I wouldn't put it off moving to the area. Milford, Shackleford, Moss Lane and St Edmunds (if you are Catholic) all admit children for whom Green Oak is their closest school.

You will however get a lot more house for your money by living nearer to Green Oak than Busbridge for example. Loseley Fields is an alternative school based in an affordable area of Godalming / Farncombe but which gets great reports from the parents that have children there.

Katie2001 Wed 30-Sep-15 14:43:22

I just googled this and there is actually an old thread (2011-2013) on mumsnet about it with a couple of useful comments. Don't know how to link it. Godalming is nice, the big Sainsbury's is good, but I find Waitrose a bit 'put that papaya down Orlando' iyswim. I went to school there, too, but donkey's years ago.

rcrunky Wed 30-Sep-15 15:26:47

Thank you for the info! Much appreciated! X

pie92 Sun 22-Nov-15 20:51:42

Hi all

I have 2 kids at Green Oak, 1 in nursery, 1 in year 1. I moved to the area from London and didn't have any preconception when I viewed the school. I made my decision based on what I could see and feel, and I loved what I saw! Small class sizes, an enormous field, a small holding of animals with pigs, chickens, turkeys, goats. An Eco school, warm friendly staff, a well maintained school that clearly had lots of resources as everything looked well looked after and often new.

18 months later my first impressions prove to be correct, and I have discovered so many more benefits. The teachers are all passionate, loving caring individuals who work incredibly hard and are striving to make the school the best it possibly can be. There is a great Head and Deputy and there is a warm, inclusive vibe in the playground.

Most importantly both of my girls love the environment.

The only thing wrong with this school, is other peoples perception of it, which appears to me to be outdated and unfounded.

Never listen to other peoples opinions, always go along, see it with your own eyes and make your own mind up I think. I keep joking that Green Oak is Godalming's best kept secret.

Alwaysinarush123 Fri 15-Jan-16 21:58:28

Stumbled on this post but must agree with the last poster. I have just put Green Oaks down as my first choice of school and my only concern was what to put down as my second choice. Really I was not drawn to any others.

My daughter is at nursery at Green oaks and loves it, she is so much happier than when at previous one. When I viewed the rest of the school I was so excited about the prospect of her going there. Brilliant!

I wonder where you put on your form in the end? I am sure that if you viewed Green Oaks you will have loved it! Looking at my daughter's classmates that will start in September they all seem lovely, we Green Oaks folks are definitely not all unruly and dreadfully behaved! And from personal experience of teaching, there are difficult children in every school, in every class. Green Oaks does have some tricky children I am sure, but the staff came across to me, as very good at developing relationships with the children and getting the best out of everyone.

Alwaysinarush123 Fri 15-Jan-16 22:40:19

Just to add, Green Oaks also goes all the way through Primary unlike many other local infant schools. I can imagine it would be a real pain having to worry about all this again in 3 years time!

Luwa Sun 24-Apr-16 15:06:35

Hello! Any more updates re thoughts/feelings/experiences of Green Oaks School. We are aiming to move to Godalming over the Summer from London and currently Green Oaks is one of the only schools with spaces in Reception and year 2 ( my girls will need places in Year 1 and year 3 in Sep). I have seen previous threads and have been advised to steer clear of Green Oaks so reassured to see positive comments above. It still appears to be under subscribed so obviously the bad rep is persisting! I am planning to visit but would still be interested in any other experiences ( good and bad!). Thanks

Luwa Sun 24-Apr-16 15:08:26

Ps There are also a couple of schools with vacancies but these appear to be a bit further out of Godalming and are infant/junior so it would mean my girls going to different schools ( which is obviously possible but just another consideration).....

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