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Blackhorse lane area

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PoochB Sat 02-May-15 20:18:30

Hi Ladies,
We're moving to Hitchin in summer - or whenever we find a house we like!

Does anyone know what Blackhorse lane area is like please?

Or Cambridge Road? Not so keen on Cambridge Road due to the main road location but there are a few properties coming up in that area.

The school nearest to Blackhorse lane is Highbury Infant / Whitehill Junior. What is their reputation locally?

Presumably we could apply to other schools, it's just a matter of waiting lists / available places, with priority given to those in the catchment? We'd be on the side of Blackhorse lane that isn't in the St Ippolyts catchment.

(We're currently abroad and have been for 7 years so totally out of touch with the UK system! Parents based in Bedfordshire so that's our base for exploring).

We are still investigating all areas. We liked Ickleford but wasn't the right house. Same with a place on the west side.

We love what we have seen of Hitchin so far, it's just finding the right place at the right price!

We've 3 kids - 6, 4 & 2.

Any info or tips will be much appreciated. I've been reading the other threads so starting to get a feel for things...


tethersend Sat 02-May-15 20:26:19

I grew up in hitchin; I have friends who sent their child to Highbury and loved it (they've now moved). I went to Strathmore and Wilshere Dacre.

AFAIK, most schools in hitchin are oversubscribed. Try joining a Hitchin Facebook group and they will give you the up-to-date views of schools in the area.

Also, re-title this post with Hitchin in the title, as Blackhorse lane could be anywhere grin

PoochB Sat 02-May-15 20:53:55

Good call - thanks. Facebook is a great idea too. Cheers Tethersend!

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