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Belgrave43 Tue 28-Apr-15 21:37:03

I am trying to find out if anyone who is or has been on a waiting list for their 1st choice school has ever had any success and been offered a place?
Currently 2nd at the moment.

PatriciaHolm Tue 28-Apr-15 22:04:55

Well, of course they have. People get places off waiting lists all time. However, that doesn't mean anything in relation to your position; if your school is a highly sort after one in an sea of low mobility, you could be waiting years; in some areas, 2nd would practically guarantee you a place by Sept.

Belgrave43 Tue 28-Apr-15 22:54:30

Just asking, I have been reading threads and not one of them had success just waiting.
I know it doesn't mean anything in relation to myself, as I said I was trying to see if others had any luck.

ButterflyUpSoHigh Tue 28-Apr-15 23:15:24

Yes but not until January 4 months after due to start. That was from 5th on offer day. Everyone told me we woukd get a place for September start but we didn't.

NightsOfGethsemane Tue 28-Apr-15 23:22:25

Yes. On waiting list from April. Offered a place in December - so 8 months later.

CB2009 Wed 29-Apr-15 11:05:15

Yes. We were 2nd on the wait list under church criteria for our 1st choice church school. Offered a place around June time. But we do live in an area of high mobility and we knew that many people would have applied for state school place but in parallel applied for private too. Many many people were granted places after us. Right up to and including 1st week of term and then 1st month of school. I was on tender hooks from April to June. I e-mailed the school directly and was also in regular contact with the council to check regarding movements. Fingers crossed for you

Mopmay Wed 29-Apr-15 15:48:31

Loads at our school every year. Big school. Heavily oversubscribed but some go private post allocations and fairly transient area.

Frikadellen Wed 29-Apr-15 18:48:48

DD3's close friend was 13th on waiting list and was offered a place in the December after we had started. There had been no movement at all up until then as 3 appeals had been upheld. When it came to it and the 12 above were offered they decided to remain at their allocated school. Friend however moved as was very unhappy at her school and flourished. (should also mention that this is a 15 intake school so to get to 13th space is almost a entire class)

tiggytape Thu 30-Apr-15 09:00:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsGannicus Thu 30-Apr-15 21:53:56

Thanks tiggytape. Seems like ages since we found out we didn't get any of our local preferences and are now looking at a school 4 miles away. Don't find out where we are on the waiting list until next Thursday and the waiting is so hard. Really hope there is some movement quickly.

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