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Primary schools near Thorner

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Laura50 Wed 22-Apr-15 07:26:03


my husband and I are are looking at moving into this area. We are thinking of starting a family in the near future and so (as my parents keep saying!) we need to think about primary schools when buying a property. We are keeping an eye out in the Bardsey, East Keswick, Collingham areas but have seen a property in Thorner.

I have 2 questions 1. Which primary schools are likely to be an option to us if living in Thorner village?
2. Are we likely to get a place at any Catholic primary schools e.g St Joseph's in Wetherby?
I haven't thought anywhere near that far ahead yet but Iwas baptised Catholic and would like it to be an option.

Laura50 Sat 11-Jul-15 16:51:36


Chlo12345 Wed 05-Aug-15 22:41:37

Hi Laura! We recently moved to Thorner from London with a 2 year old so have been looking at local school options. Within Thorner itself is a local school which got a slightly disappointing ofstead rating a few years ago and has subsequently put loads of work in and has just got a good rating. All the parents in the village speak very highly of it and all the children seem very polite and happy! It is CofE though. If you are after a Catholic school, I haven't looked specifically myself however know of a lady in the village whose children do go to the Catholic school in a Wetherby so it's definitely possible to get a place.

Guessing from the date of your post you may have already made up your mind on location but thought of respond just in case!

Good luck!


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