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Bedes, Claremont, Inclusive Prep Schools E. Sussex

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SandFly80 Sun 12-Apr-15 06:13:07

Hello. My first post to MumsNet. We are currently living overseas and have two very bright children: 6 y.o. girl and 4 y.o. boy. Our boy has mild, high functioning PDD-NOS. Our girl is gifted reader. Both children's educational needs are not being met in our current city so we are considering moving back for the new school year. I have been researching prep schools in the East Sussex area that have a reputation for good learning support. So far Bedes and Claremont have come up on the radar. Does anyone have any testimonials for these schools? Are there other independent schools in the area that offer good learning support besides these two? We would ideally like to live in or near Eastbourne. I would love to hear from someone who alreay has children at these schools. Or hear the experiences of parents who have children with extra needs. Thanks.

MargolottaOfUberwold Sun 12-Apr-15 06:50:02

Its quite a trek from Eastbourne but what about Buckswood, a friends DC with autism had a good experience there

Bramerton2015 Sun 12-Apr-15 07:12:25

Eastbourne to buckswood we be futher than Claremont ?

Bramerton2015 Sun 12-Apr-15 07:12:58

Would *

MargolottaOfUberwold Sun 12-Apr-15 07:18:03

yes it would, but it is an option

SandFly80 Sun 12-Apr-15 08:23:20

Thanks. I'll look at Buckswood. Any idea what waiting lists might be like at these schools. Have heard back from Bede's and they don't have waiting list. They're looking at the reports we've sent to determine level of support etc.
Eastbourne is more of s reference point. The priority is choosing a good school first and then renting nearby.

sandyway Sun 12-Apr-15 10:34:27

We moved to the area to put three daughters through Bede's from Prep to Senior School up to A Levels. Mixed abilities but one daughter with severe SEN which was the reason for choosing the school. On the whole a good experience and great facilities.

The Prep school is in a great location in the Meads and they enjoyed it the most. In the Senior School it was a case of taking the school bus to The Dicker. Overall fees are expensive. From my old research Bede's met all the wide ranging needs and aspirations and the best choice by far amongst the schools suggested.

SandFly80 Sun 12-Apr-15 11:28:51

Great to hear a personal experience Sandyway. Thank you. Both DD and DS are academically very high functioning. DD was identified as a gifted reader a year ago but her school has offered no enrichment support as yet despite charging eye watering fees. DS gets OT and SLT at an outside agency, again very expensive, plus entails a 40-mile round trip twice a week that leaves us exhausted.
From an initial look both Bede's and Claremont seem to have strong learning support available. I am a little biased towards Claremont on account of their forest school, something that DS would really benefit from given his learning style.
Buckswood won't suit our children. They have lived as expats all their lives, are not rooted in one single culture, and have attended incredibly ethnically and religiously diverse schools. They'll be lost is a very 'British' environment.
So far we are waiting to hear back from Claremont & Bede's in terms of the support they can offer both children. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and suggestions.

SandFly80 Mon 13-Apr-15 10:58:57

Would love to hear from any Claremont parents out there smile

Salutation Sun 21-Jun-15 21:16:10

SandFly - I think you have misinterpreted the 'British' when you mentioned Buckswood. It is an international school with pupils from 50 nationalities. They are 'British' in their traditions, but embrace all cultures. Have a look on youtube at their international day just as an example.

Februaryblue Mon 22-Jun-15 13:29:09

We live in the area and know children at both these schools (my dc go to another prep nearby). Both certainly do have good rep for SN. We didn't look at Claremont but I really loved the feel of Bedes so recommend you look at it and has an incredible location right on the coast. St Andrews (opposite Bedes) has a forest and a beach school fyi

EeyorePigletAndPoohToo Mon 22-Jun-15 15:01:07

Claremont's SEN support is absolutely brilliant, which I know first-hand due to DC1 having ASD and a bunch of compelling 'extras'! He is looked after very, very well at school and is thriving in a way that we had never previously thought possible. DC2 is a bright cookie who is being challenged every day. Both our children's education and pastoral care has been transformed since we joined Claremont 18 months ago.

Happy to chat via PM if you are still considering Claremont. Sorry to be so late to reply but I've only just seen this post.

stallion88 Wed 24-May-17 08:15:10

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