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Ursuline Prep Wimbledon - any thoughts?

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Everhart Wed 18-Mar-15 13:46:28

I've had some extremely lovely and helpful PMs from MNers with knowledge of the school but just looking to cast the net wider and see if anyone else out there has any experience of it?

It seems such a lovely and very happy school, very importantly it is also quite 'down to earth' as far as I can tell - we are not super-wealthy by any stretch of the imagination and I would hate for DD to be at a school where she didn't fit in IYSWIM. I absolutely LOVED Prospect House in Putney (very very attracted by the co-ed angle) but fees are almost twice the fees at Ursuline and it struck me as a different sort of intake, kids from (generally) much wealthier backgrounds.

BUT can't help but feel underwhelmed by Ursuline's leavers' destinations in comparison. Perfectly good schools but not really any that we would have on our wish list when that time comes.

Is it nuts to be so focussed on this, when really we do just want DD to be happy and well-rounded? OTOH it's hard to stop comparing the two different sets of leavers destinations...

DD is very tiny indeed (only 2) but she hails from a long line of extremely academic people (DH's side of the family is just ridiculously smart) so though we are assuming she will turn out to be (as she is already appearing, inasmuch as you can tell at this stage) bright and academic, we are also keen, because of the family b/g, for her not to feel as if she HAS to achieve great heights academically (ie not to feel any undue pressure from the long line of geniuses amongst her aunts, uncles and GPs!!) So we are in a tricky position of wanting to find a school where she will be happy (Ursuline, where I am sure she would be happy) but also wanting to find a school that will enable her to reach her full academic potential, whatever that may turn out to be.

Lovely though it is, I am not sure Ursuline is necc that school...

I guess our default plan would be to start with Ursuline and then could potentially move her at 7 if it's the wrong fit...?

Any opinions on the school gratefully welcomed!

rBB2015 Tue 14-Apr-15 22:53:19

I'm watching this thread - hoping someone will provide some insight! DD may be joining Ursuline this year and I have the same concerns. While I want her to be challenged, I dont want her to be pressurized.
Completely in the same boat - the 'down to earth' environment is something I like since I feel as a family we would fit in better. But the leavers destination is something I can't ignore.
Guess I will just have to take a call at 7+

Wobblypig Wed 15-Apr-15 21:05:10

I wouldn't worry about reaching her potential at Ursuline. If you want a hothouse however go elsewhere. With regard to leavers destination you have to remember that ursuline is non selective and also takes a number of transfers from the state sector at various stages.
My concern with Ursuline has been that they wouldn't let me keep add down a year when she struggles in every area.

mrsdavidbowie Wed 15-Apr-15 21:07:04

The head is lovely.
Everhart what would be the ideal leavers destination?

Roseotto Wed 15-Apr-15 23:19:34

If you think your daughter is bright why not look at the local GDST schools? Moving at 7 is much harder and most will be tutored for that handful of places.
If she is bright you won't find any of them 'hothouses' (whatever that means).

Bigbang74 Wed 06-May-15 11:01:58

My daughter attends the Ursuline prep and she is very happy there. The teachers are good and girls go on to great high schools. However if I was to do it all again I'd steer clear. The fees have recently been put up and when you include lunches are now the same as Holy Cross which has a lot more to offer. A lot of parents who've taken their dd's out of Ursuline and moved to HC say there's no comparison. I'd talk to a few parents first before making a decision as it's very difficult to move later, and Ursuline is going through a lot of building works. Good luck with your choice.

rBB2015 Sun 14-Jun-15 01:04:38

Any comments on the extra-curricular activities?

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