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Moving to Lancaster/Morecambe-ish...

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CUNextTuesday Thu 12-Mar-15 11:53:02 the next 12 months hopefully. I have a 5 yr old DS and will want to put him in a (state, pref non-faith) school that has a good rep for getting boys to the Grammar School (male tradition in our family!). I've done my research a bit and I know which are the 'good' schools, but I wondered if anyone knew whether there were any which were particularly geared up for the 11+ in Lancaster, Morecambe or the surrounding areas?

Szeli Sat 04-Jul-15 23:39:49

LRGS has some 'feeder' schools, iirc Dallas Road is one - it is for the girls at any rate but the others should be on their website as the 'masterclass' schools.

If not just ring LRGS and ask

Certainly non are in Morecambe.

In it's own right tho Low Lane tends to have a decent amount of Grammar pupils

Brightbluebells Sun 05-Jul-15 17:09:45

The school on Low Lane is Torrisholme School. Although many of the children do get into the grammar schools from there, they are not 'geared' to it as such. The headteacher, quite rightly in my opinion, does not spend curriculum time on preparing children for the grammar school. The school concentrates on providing a good standard of education for all.

The vast majority of schools in the area will have children who move on to the grammar schools. It is more down to an individual child's ability than a particular school preparing them. Children from Preston schools and Cumbrian schools will sit the exam and if they pass with a high enough score, will get in.

I, personally, would be inclined to chose a primary school on much broader criteria than the number of children who move on to the grammar schools. A school which may send a lot this year may not send as many five years later for a number of reasons.

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