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Advice about St.Helen's college Hillingdon

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Mg080876 Wed 11-Mar-15 19:03:14

Hi Ladies,
My son is year one in an outstanding state school but we would like to move him to a good mixed private school . I would be very grateful if there Is mums whose kids are attending St. Helen's in Hillingdon and can share their experiences and views on the school.My main concern is -would kids be helpful with someone new joining their class. ,and mums too?any views on the private schools around Ruislip would be helpful..thank you in advance..

lucindafrances Thu 30-Apr-15 22:32:34

hi, sorry can't really help as such as i have a daughter who is only 2. but I'm looking into St Helens hillingdon and other schools in uxbridge/ickenham/ruislip area at the moment. actually just wondered what school he is currently at? thank grin

nishthefish Mon 06-Jul-15 18:43:48

My children go to St Helen's College and I have to say that the children and parents are pretty friendly. The mums of each class tend to get together regularly for dinners and the most of the children (especially in lower school) have inclusive birthday parties where the whole class is invited. So there is plenty of opportunity for both mums and children to meet up outside school aswell as inside.

With my DD's year group there has always been at least 1 or 2 new children joining each year and now that she is in year 5, it is often hard to remember who the 'new' children are.

Hope this helps, good luck with your decision!

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