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Primary schools in Nantwich

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Cocodango4 Thu 05-Mar-15 08:15:41

Hello everyone, we're moving to Nantwich from Bristol and I was after some advice regarding primary schools in the area. We have found a house that we love but I have realised that it is just outside the catchment area of our preferred school choice for my son. He doesn't start school until next September. I was wondering if anyone has any recent experience of applying for schools in Nantwich and whether you are likely to get your school of choice or at least one of the 3 choices that u can put down? I know it can depend on numbers for that year but I'd feel a lot better about buying the house if at least we had a chance of getting one of the 3 choices. Unfortunately I've heard some bad things about one of the primary schools in Nantwich (in my catchment area!!) which is why I'm getting concerned!! Sorry for whittering on so much!! Any advice much appreciated!! smile

admission Thu 05-Mar-15 16:22:56

Nantwich is a boom town for new housing and as such school places are tight, well very tight. So I would have to say to you that the chances are that you are most likely to get the catchment school rather than an out of area one.
I know which school you are referring to when you say you have heard bad things about the one school which is in special measures. But it has a relatively new head after many years of struggling, so in 18 months time it might be a very good school. There are three outstanding primary schools in the area so if you want to move nearer to one the most likely one for you would be Acton. It is a full school.
However the other issue in Nantwich is the secondary schools. The original go-to school is Malbank which is the secondary school at the top end of Nantwich. This has now been superceded in parent desire by Brineleas, which is an outstanding school at the bottom end of Nantwich. Numbers being what they are in the area, you will have very limited options on which secondary you get.

Cocodango4 Thu 05-Mar-15 20:42:09

Thanks for your response, it's really helpful smile It's just so frustrating as the school we really want is only 0.4 miles away from the house we have seen and the catchment school is further at 0.6 miles! Am just so pleased I thought to look at the catchment maps as I had assumed the preferred school was the catchment one! I agree with you that the school in special measures could turn out well but it just seems such a risk to take. Thanks for advice re secondary schools too smile

sunnydaylucy Mon 09-Mar-15 00:14:37

Not exactly your situation and again in know the PS that you refer to. If it helps we tried to relocate to Nantwich 18months ago with 3Dc's. I gave up, I couldn't get them all in the same school despite keeping an eye (obsessively!) on the council weekly in year admission spreadsheet & calling the schools regularly.
We didn't need to be in Nantwich for jobs, (I just really like it and we have friends there) so we moved slightly further up the M6 instead. Not ideal for primary as I have to drive the DC's but with 1 now able to walk to a fab high school, I love the town and don't regret it for a minute.
On the flip of this there does seem to be a lot of movement in Nantwich schools & currently spaces in the schools that we tried to get into previously. Good luck with your search.

elphiethegreat Thu 12-Mar-15 16:43:33

Just thought I'd add, everyone I know got their first choice of school last September in Nantwich, including those who don't live in the catchment area. Of course that doesn't mean it would be the same for you but I thought it might offer a bit of reassurance! I also know which school you are referring to, but again, they do have a new head so things could turn around pretty quickly.

xshelbellx Mon 11-May-15 04:08:45

hi just wanted to know if you did move and if you did get the school of ur choice, only we are relocating to Nantwich next week from Manchester nd we need a catholic school for our dd and im really concerned as I can only seem to find one catholic school called st annes so starting to panick a bit tbh?? tia xx

Mopmay Mon 11-May-15 14:45:28

I think there's only the 1

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