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Primary Schools in Horley/Smallfield, Surrey

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moodyoyo Sun 22-Feb-15 21:27:41

Hi All,

I'm new to Mumsnet so first of all hidy hi waves

I had a baby girl in July last year and as she'll be 1 (aaah already?!) in a few months I've started to think about primary schools as I know "they" say you should get on an admissions list as soon as you can. I live in Caterham, Surrey now, but my partner and I are buying a new build property on the edge of Horley (near to Smallfield) which is ready for occupation in October this year. So my DD will be going to a primary school in that area but I am stumped as to which schools to consider. Do I go for Smallfield or Horley? Private or state? There's so much to think about! confused

Since she was born in July and term starts in September, I believe she will be starting primary school shortly after she turns 4, although I have seen one or two schools that offer an "early years" nursery type admission from the age of 3.

If anyone has any opinions on primary schools in the Horley/Smallfield area I would love to hear them smile (all opinions are considered no matter if they're positive or negative). A few things to note are that my partner and I will be working full time hours in London so schools with before/after school activities would be a huge plus.

Many thanks all and I look forward to hearing from you.

L xx

LIZS Mon 23-Feb-15 20:18:30

Depends where exactly you will be living. There is a primary on the new estate on the ne edge of Horley which opened only recently . By the time you are due to apply (January 2018) there will be more history to it. To get into Burstow primary (smallfield)I think you'd need to live very close to the motorway bridge. You can check the furthest distance a place was allocated last year online on the Surrey County Council website under Primary Admissions. The other alternatives would be Langshott or Horley Infants both of which are good. There is no rush though as you can't apply until autumn 2017/January 2018 for Reception entry so lots of time to meet other local mums and visit. Langshott and Burstow have a nursery class but there is no guarantee of a school place and lots of private preschools in the area which might suit you better.

moodyoyo Mon 23-Feb-15 22:14:18

Hi Lizs. Thanks so much for your reply. We will be living on the new estate currently in delevopment just down from the motorway bridge so perhaps we might be ok with that school you spoke of. I had heard that Horley Infant was good though.

Ah that is a long time. Other mums had me panicking for nothing! Haha. Thanks so much for your input.

LIZS Tue 24-Feb-15 07:21:21

You'd only need to be concerned sooner if you are serious about private schools in which case register Asap but you probably wouldn't live in Horley then travel to Reigate et al for school although I know some do. Copthorne might be a possibility but I think you'd struggle with school/commute/childcare.

lenasmith270285 Sat 23-May-15 15:48:18

Hi my daughter is starting horley infants in sept and my son langshott nursery..could someone please tell me what time horley infants start and finish x

BagsyThisName Sat 23-May-15 21:05:37

There is an unusually cheap private school in Smallfield, Redehall. I don't know much about it but looked at fees when I was having a schools admission panic.

Also don't assume you need a school with before and after school childcare, there are lots of other options eg childminder, after school nanny etc.

Good luck with your move.

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