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Games - Educational and Fun - Which ones for DD Year 1

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ElsaShmelsa Mon 16-Feb-15 13:58:10

Hi there,

DD is having an operation on Thursday. It's her 4th one since she was 18 months old and she's a little older now and remembers her last one so is going to be really upset and worried about it.

To ease the blow we've bought her a Kindle Fire. We thought we could download some games and Kindle books for her (she loves reading) and take it to the hospital with us as a surprise.

But I'm not a game player so I have no idea what sort of games she might like. Does anyone have any ideas. She's very girly, loves Frozen, Princesses, animals etc. Someone has recommended Palace Pets and something possibly called 'My Horse'. She loves horses and horse-riding...

We will also be adding some of the Maths/Words apps that they use at school and also Ceebeebies as she loves those games, but does anyone have any recommendations?

It's an Android tablet.


noramum Mon 16-Feb-15 15:22:10

Frozen Free Fall - a frozen game where you have to match stones.

For maths and spelling - Squeebles. They have a whole range and DD loves them and learns as well.

Mahjong - there are several children versions around. DD plays it when she needs some downtime.

Rugbylovingmum Tue 17-Feb-15 14:51:16

My daughter likes the 'little witch', 'witch with no name' and 'witch in love' games. I think they are slim cricket apps. They have some short puzzles and you can read the story or have it read to you. It's quite short but cheap. Both girls also love the playhome app - I think it's rubbish but it keeps them amused when they have to watch each other's gym/swimming lessons.

Hope your DDs op goes well and she is too distracted by the kindle to worry.

Rugbylovingmum Tue 17-Feb-15 14:53:32

They also like cut the rope and, because it's a puzzle type game, I class it as educational (so I don't feel guilty if they've had too much ipad time).

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