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Falcons pre-prep

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Chiswickmumof2boys Thu 12-Feb-15 23:20:03

Am looking at Falcons Pre-Prep in Chiswick for my two boys. Any recent feedback about the school?

We have never been keen on single sex schools but are now wondering if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages...

Mominatrix Fri 13-Feb-15 20:17:02

I have PMed you.

Mominatrix Fri 13-Feb-15 20:17:13

I have PMed you.

nudgeyone1 Fri 14-Oct-16 12:54:06

We are looking at Falcon Pre-prep and Chiswick and Bedford Park (CBBP) Schools for our son. From what we can tell Falcons, now that they have a prep school have a greater incentive to keep boys to 13 while CBBP will move them on at 7+.

Both seem like lovely schools and I would welcome any thoughts from those who have experience of both or either

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