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Comparison between LongField Primary school and Pinnerwood Primary School

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Farfas Thu 12-Feb-15 10:34:07

Dear parents
Can anyone share their experience of Pinner wood Primary School and Long Field Primary School?
It would be very helpful if anyone can compare between the two on the basis of personal or others’ experience.
I need a suggestion in regards to selecting between one of the above two.
We have recently moved to Harrow and luckily after a wait of 3-4 weeks, my both kids got their names in good but different schools. The Nursery one goes to Long Field Nursery and older one to Pinner Wood School in Year 3.
My son in Year 3 was on a waiting list for Long Field and we got a call from school that he has been allocated a place in Long Field Primary School.
The problem is that we all love Pinner wood School but my younger one, who will start Reception in September 2015 is most likely to be getting place in Long Field as we live just down the road to this school.
My Older one is happily settled in Pinner wood and didn’t want to move to Long Field now.
Unluckily I didn’t put Pinner Wood School as any of the 6 priorities for my younger to start this September.
Practically speaking, both should be going to the same school but again I don’t want to lose my older one’s place in Pinner wood either and not sure if the younger one will be given a Sibling Place or not?
Should I accept Long Field for my older one as it is very much likely that younger one will be allocated this school or should I not compromise a Grade 1 school with Grade 2 school?

Can anyone, who might have an experience of any or both of these schools can give me suggestion and advise?


FiveHoursSleep Thu 12-Feb-15 14:11:59

They are both good schools. I'd try and get them both into the one closest to you. preferably one you can walk to as the parking situations can be fraught.

ArabellaRockerfella Thu 12-Feb-15 16:47:06

I agree with what FiveHoursSleep has said. They are both good schools, you would find it much easier to have them both at the same school which you are closest i.e.. Longfield
If you didn't even put Pinner Wood on your youngest child's application then they would only get a sibling place if you then made a new, late application in which case you would have to wait for a place to open up which may well be after Sept.

Farfas Thu 12-Feb-15 23:04:41

Thanks guys for your kind replies.

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