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any good stories on moving area just before start of primary school

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Keepcalmanddrinktea Wed 04-Feb-15 11:53:22

hi everyone
we have decided to move to an area closer to my husband work and which will also allow me to change job etc etc.
The problem is that we will want to move obviously before my little one starts school in September.....which means we will only be able to make a late application in the new area.....schools are all good where we will be moving, I would prefer some to other (not inclined in faith schools) but my fear is that she will have no place at all in the area where we will want to move;
has anyone ever experienced that? clearly it depends on area to area;
would it be best/easier to move as the year has started? it seems more cruel tbh...
Confused really, if we put down an application late, what will they decide if we can be admitted, especially if the house we will buy is literally 100 yards from the school?

Thank you

Somemumsodd Wed 04-Feb-15 13:37:30

Move as early as possible. If it's after April 16th you will just apply and go on all the waiting lists but should be near the top of the list for local schools you want. The longer you leave it, the more places that do come up will be taken before you get there. A lot of shuffling about goes on April - Sept

prh47bridge Wed 04-Feb-15 14:22:21

Regardless of when you apply the local authority has to come up with a place for you.

There is no guarantee you will be near the top of the waiting list for schools you want. The waiting list is ordered using the admission criteria only. If you live just 100 yards from the school you will probably be at or near the head of the waiting list for that school but you may well be a long way down the list for other preferred schools.

The most likely outcome is that you will be offered a place at an unpopular school that may be some distance from home.

Billybo Wed 04-Feb-15 14:31:13

We moved just before DD1 started school. Put the house on the market Feb, offer march, exchange and completion in July. Until we exchanged we couldn't apply for a school place with the new address.

When we first moved council offered us a place at a school which was a long way away and not a desirable one, we put DD1's name on the waiting list of the local primary (2 min walk- we were no. 1 on the waiting list) and luckily the day before term started we got offered a place.

So it can be done, but a previous posters have said, the earlier you move the more likely you are to get a place, the closer to a school you are the better (in terms of your position on the waiting list).

Keepcalmanddrinktea Wed 04-Feb-15 15:22:55

Thank you so much for your knowledgeable comments, so so appreciated! ....a bit frightening as I hate uncertainty but it is better to know what we will have to deal with than not, the borough we would want to move to is really big... confused but thankfully does not include a neighbouring city which is horrendous....or is the county that counts? William be told my position in the waiting list? Not sure how will I explain to DD I do not know what colour her uniform will be till late sad

JaniceJoplin Wed 04-Feb-15 17:20:41

Its best to move where there are a lot of schools you would accept in close proximity to each other, so you have a range of options.

When is your DC's birthday ? You don't need to start school from a legal POV until the term they turn 5, so if you move for the start of reception and don't get what you are looking for and if your DC is 4 you have nearly another year to find a place (and they will follow the EYFS in any decent nursery).

I think the end Aug/early Sept period is crucial as often there are children who just don't appear.

Billybo Wed 04-Feb-15 18:25:08

I found that my DD was really adaptable at that age. Before we moved we mentioned that she might be going to a different school to the one we planned but didn't dwell on it and just mentioned it again once we actually moved. If you don't relay your (understandable) anxiety about school places to your little one then I'm sure they will take it in their stride.

It wasn't until we actually had the place that the did the whole uniform, getting excited about going to school etc. This was really hard because I really wanted to get excited about DD1 going to school, with it being a significant life event etc, and hated the uncertainty but it was a compromise we had to make for moving to a better house.

DD1 did have a momentary wobble (lasted about an hour!) about the school uniform colour and about going to a different school to her preschool friends but some new hairbands helped with the uniform colour and being told that her preschool friend were still her friends and she could catch up with them in the holidays and make new friends at school reassured her.

At this stage I would focus all your efforts on selling your house (if you are) and finding a new place to rent or buy and get all that paperwork in order asap so that you can apply for a place in your new area or get on the waiting lists of schools (depending on when you exchange contracts/ sign rental agreement etc makes the process slightly different). If it looks like everything is going ahead touch base with the Local Education Authority to check what the process is/what timings are.

Schools may tell you where you are on the waiting list but some are reluctant as you can move down as well as up if someone with higher priority comes onto the list (because they have moved in nearer, have a sibling that has transferred into school etc).

Be prepared to have to wait until term start in September before you get a school place as there is a lot of movement at the beginning of term.

As previous poster said you have until the term after their 5 birthday before they legally have to go to school so you may buy yourself some time that way depending when your child's birthday is, although this isn't ideal. I personally think it would be preferable to start at the same time if at all possible and wouldn't recommend waiting until after you child has started school before you apply for new places as it will be a lot less likely that you will get a place.

Keepcalmanddrinktea Thu 05-Feb-15 19:15:51

Thank you so much, I feel a bit more empowered now!

Laura0806 Fri 06-Feb-15 10:10:05

Im in teh same position but mines evern trickier as we are moving with 3 children; 1 about to start reception in sept and years 3 and 5. None of the good schools in the area we are moving to have places and I am really stressed. They are very shy children and the older two love their current school. It is likely they will end up in a not very good school or in different ones. AAhhhhh. Im thinking about the possibility of home schooling in the interim as I am a qualified teacher although ahven't taught for a long time.

Laura0806 Fri 06-Feb-15 10:17:29

sorry , just realised that wasn't a very positive post. I'm just worried but I think that with one child you should be ok. My experience when applying where we live now is that a lot of children do get in before reception off the waiting list as others take up places at private schools etc. I think it is trickier the older the children are.

Keepcalmanddrinktea Sat 07-Feb-15 10:42:50

That's ok Laura0806, I am stressed too, not sure I agree it is easier with one, perhaps logistically, but emotionally she is not an only by choice so I am still carrying lot of grief she needs to go through changes without a pal to share the good and bad

Laura0806 Sun 08-Feb-15 13:52:52

Ah sorry to hear that Keepcalm; thats tough although know that you will be able to give your little one all the attention/ help she needs without being pulled in other directions. Shes also got you to go through changes; thats all she needs honestly. Wish you loads of luck with it

titchy Sun 08-Feb-15 15:08:12

You asked if it was the county rather than borough which counted? It will depend on which is the LOcal education authority. In London it's the borough that is, but in other areas it's the county.

Keepcalmanddrinktea Mon 09-Feb-15 21:39:46

Ok thanks so will be the county then...we have tried to make contact but unless we have a permanent address there, they will not be more frustrating albeit it is understandablesad I hate uncertainty

Lottie10000 Mon 09-Feb-15 23:04:05

What area are you moving to?
Each one has a " movers last day " for applications

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