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Top drawer SMSC lesson idea needed for Year 2.... Any teachers out there....?

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Doowrah Sat 31-Jan-15 14:24:40

Got an interview on Friday and have only just heard about these lessons! Suspect other candidates may well go straight to Tes and SLN websites for ideas and I am concerned I will lack originality and imagination! Which may well be the case given my request for ideas on here!

TarquinMoriartyGruntfuttockII Sat 31-Jan-15 18:27:45

Try posting over in The Staffroom as that's where the teachers usually hang out.


Doowrah Sun 01-Feb-15 14:58:05

Thanks I didn't even know it existed....

AsBrightAsAJewel Sun 01-Feb-15 15:10:11

Our approach embeds SMSC across the curriculum rather that bolting on as a separate lesson. I think SMSC is far too broad can you focus it right down to just one small strand? Have you seen THIS website?
There is also red cross website

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